Capcom: Resident Evil Series Tops 91 Million Units Sold, Street Fighter Series Tops 42 Million

Capcom announced in its 2019 integrated report the Resident Evil franchise has surpassed a combined 91 million units sold lifetime as of March 31, 2019.

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Nyxus555d ago

Some interesting info in there.

DMC5: 2.1 million units
RE2 Remake: 4.2 million units

554d ago
ShinjukuSon554d ago

RE4 will always be the best.

nowitzki2004554d ago

RE2 the best ever.. i did like 4 better than most people did tho.

Lexreborn2554d ago

In retro spec I think I fully understand why they said SFV might not of happened this gen. If you really think about how many entries SF has had since the cabinets. As many as they put out since 80’s, 42 million is kinda niche for a 30 plus year franchise.

And it’s almost ALWAYS had been multi platform so I think it tells you a lot about the franchises appeal.

King9554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

[email protected] fighting games as a genre
is kinda niche the average mainstream fighting game only sell 3 to 4 million copies lifetime. I think Tekken 7 sold 4 million copies sf5 sold 3.7 million copies dbfz sold 4 million copies.

Lexreborn2553d ago

Which is true, but when you are talking about one with longevity of SF. And how many entries and re-releases they had. MK and Tekken are far to close

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