Game Focus: Scene It? Box Office Smash Review

Game Focus writes: "Long after its debut as a DVD board game, Screenlife and Microsoft brought the Scene It? franchise to the console market last year with a decent and interesting first title. Now Microsoft and developer Krome Studios are releasing its sequel, in hopes of connecting with casual gamers who just bought an Xbox 360 and give previous Scene It? owners a good reason to run to the store and get this game into their collection."


+ Improved visuals
+ Future downloadable questions will keep the game fresh
+ Xbox Live play up to four players
+ Better variety of question categories
+ Easy to pick-up game
+ Comes either as a standalone game or with four Big Button Pads


- Only 1500 questions, same amount as the first game
- If you have no interest on paying for DLC, replay value would be at stake
- Simplistic menus and animations
- Announcers are annoying
- If you hate movie trivia, this game won't help your cause

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