Gamerlimit: Resistance 2 Review- Mildly Disappointing

Gamer Limit: "Two years ago Resistance: Fall of Man was release was premier launch title for the Playstation 3. It was the one must have for PS3 owners for several months after the launch. To most who played it, the story was engaging, the gameplay was solid and multiplayer held its ground. 2 years later Insomniac Games is eagerly ready for the release of its sequel. The masses of PS3 owners have waited for this, but is it the game every one has been waiting for? Insomniac has promised massive 60 player matches, multiple campaigns, and an unforgettable experience. So does Insomniac deliever on its promises?"

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kornbeaner5250d ago

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!

FLAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

faisdotal5250d ago

In before the crowd.

Theo Paphitis FTW.

InMyOpinion5249d ago

Gamerlimit owned by Microsoft: confirmed.

johover1125249d ago

"Mildly Disappointing",,,,but a 8.5? damn, people these days are getting stupider by the second. I owned R2 (Collector's Edition) and i'm completely satisfy with the game. i won't say it's a perfect 10 (like Metal Gear Solid 4) but it's not "Mildly Disappointing."

Zanzu5250d ago

Pretty poor review, not because its an 8.5 but because in Gameplay, Graphics and Lastability all score 9 and Sound scores an 8, which brings down the total review to 8.5, since I believe sound is the least important in FPS I would think they aggregate score would be boosted to a 9.

Also the multiplayer isnt fun? Im sure hes just too frustrated to get past the initial learning curve.

kornbeaner5250d ago

Sound in any game is probably the most important part.

Imagine firing any weapon in any shooter and the sound coming from that gun is "MOOO!!!!!!!!" or when in a dark room you here a chair move and it sounds like water dripping.

Sound is a very important part of any game, while I don't think R2 suffers that much when it comes to sound an "8" for sound is pretty low.

poopsack5250d ago

i dont know about that score for sound, hearing the bullseye go off pumps me for some reason.

Panthers5250d ago

I havent played too much multiplayer, but I didnt see that many snipers at all. I do think it would have been better to have weapon pickups instead of just picking them.

I_LOVE_MYSELF5249d ago

"Imagine firing any weapon in any shooter and the sound coming from that gun is "MOOO!!!!!!!!" or when in a dark room you here a chair move and it sounds like water dripping."


PS3n3605249d ago

than the sound of bullets ripping into the enemy in COD4, That ripping sound is music to my ears. I agree that sound is really important and if you have a real sound system it is at least 30-40% of the experience.

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Fullish5250d ago

A good review, it's nice to see someone with an opinion.

Gue15250d ago

i already beat R2 twice on hard and superhuman. i know the game's awesome and i'm playing the co-op like crazy so, i don't need more reviews to convince me of anything. ;-)

kornbeaner5250d ago

Bubbles for you for not caring and having fun with a game.

What a crazy Idea. :)

Torch5250d ago (Edited 5250d ago )

"...i don't need more reviews to convince me of anything."

Understatement of the century, my friend. More bubbles for your common sense.

Thank heavens I don't rely on reviews to buy games, or I may have missed out on the best FPS I've ever played in my life (and I'm counting my long-standing sweetheart, the Half-Life series in that equation).

The scale, detail and chaos this game dishes out is HUGE, and unmatched by anything I've yet to see (although It's to my understanding from numerous Beta testers that Killzone's likely to take the crown, come early next year.)

Yeah, this onslaught of R2-downplaying reviews was pretty much the last nail in the coffin as far as the already-questionable credibility of these <ahem> "professional" reviewers are concerned.

I was already burnt bad enough by getting suckered into the GTA4 hype, inaccurately overrated by the horde of head-scratching perfect scores the game received - and regret my purchase (and misplaced confidence) as a result.

Bottom line: If you're an FPS fan, I URGE to you give this game a go. It is hands-down, A-MAZ-ING!!!

Easily a solid 9.5 out of 10.

(Hey, THEY can score it; so why shouldn't I?) ;)

Peekay5250d ago

just weird - the reviews are split into two groups. Half the reviews say that campaign mode isn't up to par, then the other half like this review denounce multiplayer. What are the chances that some of these reviewers didn't even play the first title....

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