Xbox - Five Biggest Gaming Industry Successes Since 2001

Dylan Warman: Despite the mistakes they've made along the way, Microsoft's Xbox division has also had some decent successes in almost two decades since their inception.

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sushimama372d ago

1. Halo, Fable, and Gears of War
2. Xbox Games With Gold
3. Xbox Play Anywhere
4. Home Console and Game Sharing
5. Backwards Compatibility


Silly gameAr371d ago

Other than Halo, Fable, and Gears, all of that other stuff has been done before MS did it, including the stuff you didn't mention.

Xbox GWG (PSplus)
XboxPlay Anywhere (Remote Play)
Home Console and Gamesharing (PS3)
BC (are they seriously counting this as a MS success??)

The 3 honorable mentions on the list probably could have been left unmentioned. Parental controls (other consoles can do this also) Xbox elite controller (it's an expensive xbox controller with a little more omf. Pretty good but not sure if worth the price.) and 4k blu-ray. Is that a success? I know blu-ray was a success, thanks to the PS3 having the cheapest one on the market, and the fact that it beat out HD-DVD.

Can't wait to see you guys make a list for Playstation and Nintendo next.

Atom666371d ago

I never care who comes up with an idea, as long as it's a good one.

Play Anywhere is the cross buy program allowing a single purchase to cover the PC and console version of a game. It's been done before, but I appreciate that program.

The Elite controller outperforms more expensive 3rd party mods that used to be the only option. For those interested, it's a good move.

I'd combine BC and GWG. Putting 2 BC compatible games on their GWG list each month was a nice move and deserves a nod.

I'm only buying 4k blurays at this point. I tried to resist, but when you get the nice tv and you have the option, it's hard not to.

Silly gameAr371d ago

I never care who came up with an idea first either, but I'm just saying the tone of the article makes it seem like these were original ideas that MS came up with for xbox.

JustTheFax371d ago

Paid Online Multiplayer Subscriptions
Paid DLC
Downloading Game Patches
Red Ring of Death