Open World Tech Demo Running On Navi-Based Hardware Shows What The PlayStation 5 Will Be Capable Of

An online report suggests that a PlayStation 5 tech demo that is being shown is way ahead of current gen consoles in terms of scope and environment dynamics

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Jin_Sakai1438d ago

Sound amazing. Can’t wait for PS5!

“The demo that was presented to me boasted the best real-time graphics I’ve ever seen. It looked like it was a real game, not the usual demo with graphics pumped in Unity or Unreal Engine 4 as you usually see in events. like the GDC. It is not possible in any way to see something similar on the current generation of consoles or on PC. “

“In terms of lighting, glance and dynamics of the settings are not even remotely comparable to what was seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us 2. Think of the impact that Killzone had: Shadowfall, it is something completely different than what was seen in the previous generation. “

ThinkThink1438d ago

So excited, wish it was already E3.

bouzebbal1437d ago

To me all this is detail.. I would drool over shadows when the game manages to entertain me at the first place.. Fun factor is what I look for..
Nothing new we are learning here either.. It's ajar defines next gen

sprinterboy1437d ago

You mean the February 12th event 🤔

NarutoFox1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

You mean PSX event

Unspoken1437d ago

It's a tech demo. Slow that hype train down.

Killzone has to be the worst example; where a trailer was shown off as game play then turned out to be a glorified CGI movie.

Nick_5151437d ago

@Unspoken. I actually think the game looked better than that cgi trailer that was shown anyway. the trailer looked funky and less realistic than what the game looked like.

Mroc131437d ago

@bouzebbal. I agree. Don't know why all the down votes. We have reached such a high standard in graphics that there's no wow factor anymore. New ways to play and good stories are what interest me most

cyber_daemonx1436d ago

Bet if this was the new xbone the downplayers above would be drooling lol.

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rainslacker1437d ago

In my work, I've seen what's possible with the new systems, and I think people so far have really underestimated what to expect from next gen graphics. Raytracing, even with minimal implementation has a huge effect on quality, and there is a lot more built into these processors which helps make everything look like high end cgi without the expensive overhead. Lots of tricks, which the average person isnt going to notice the difference of different techniques.

MarkyMark891431d ago

Hit the head on the nail, most people don't even see the difference with RTX on or off until they get a bunch of playtime in. I was still on the fence, but now after lots of playtime on Metro and Tomb Raider I can see the potential. I can even immediately spot the fake lighting when I turn the feature off on RTX titles now. Hopefully when people get to actually enjoy RT I hope the 4k hype dies down. 1080p Ultra RTX on> 4k-30fps

blackblades1438d ago

1 more year, lol feel sorry for the people that gonna wait it out for the slim or pro version. That wait gonna be tough for them.

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Ceaser98573611437d ago

There is a good chance Sony may release PS5 base and premium model together. 499 & 599. So gamers have the option to choose and need not rebuy like current gen.

PurpHerbison1437d ago

And I'm happy that early adopters exist to basically beta test the hardware for those that want to wait on a new refined model. Need time for the library to build too.

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Xaywhat1437d ago

@ceasar I heard that rumor

Ceaser98573611437d ago

Ya that rumor could be true and if its true i would opt for the Premium model

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sushimama1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

So excited. But I'm sure Microsoft's next gen console will be at around the same kind of quality also. So this should really excite ALL fans. It definitely gave me goosebumps reading it.

Rimeskeem1437d ago

It will have the same type of power maybe, but Sony has a firm hold on first parties.

AngelicIceDiamond1438d ago

"thanks to the PS5 AMD Zen 2 CPU it is also possible to create more credible worlds in terms of physics and environmental interaction."

Full interaction in open world games confirmed.

sushimama1438d ago

Lol, that would be so good. We don't need 'bigger' we just need open worlds to be more condensed, in regards to the physics and interaction in the world.

isarai1438d ago

I REALLY REEEEAAAAALLY hope that returns as a focus next gen. So frustrated to see thing like physics, destruction, and overall environmental interactions take a back seat this gen after seeing the many physics demos at the reveal.

ApocalypseShadow1438d ago

I agree. No point in thousands of miles of open world space and we can't interact with it, break glass, blow things up, walk into a building, get lost in a crowd of people, climb a tree, etc.

More interaction. Not more space.

MarkyMark891437d ago

You can thank the people obsessed with 4k, guess they enjoy looking at textures on a brick wall -_-
So many more levels to 1080p, games haven't even scratched the surface. 4k Textures just take up to much overhead in the overall scheme of things, people always want too much.

Of course the technologically uninclined will hype up the next-gen consoles thinking 4k with 100+FPS will be the norm and will cry and bitch when it doesn't happen next year and claim the jump wasn't enough. LMFAO

rainslacker1437d ago

The two best physics examples at or near launch were Resogun and infamous second son. Resogun in the way it created its models involved a complex algorithm for what happens to them upon destruction, and infamous with all its particle effects, because particle effects are all physics.

Interactive physics involving game play I cant think of any example which wouldn't be able to be executed last gen. I'm sure they're out there though. Whether this is due to complacency from the dev, or the CPU I couldn't say. The CPU is underpowered, but the gpu with gpu compute should have been able to make up the difference. I think more devs focused on making prettier graphics than advancing physics models.

This will hinder better physics models at the start of next gen, as these things tend to build off what came before

MecheSlays1437d ago

Fax. you need to be able to access more buildings, we need more small animals running around, we need fog in the air, plants swaying in the wind with non static patterns, and most importantly more interactive and smarter npc's to go against and physics and animations that break the last gen curse.

AngelicIceDiamond1437d ago

Absolutely agree. We've had size in open world games but ultimately doesn't mean much in the long term. GTA 5 back in 2013 was the biggest open world game but not the densest. You look back now and its laughable. Skyrim was noted for its dynamic NPC's and day and night cycles. Look back now NPC's are just on recycled movements like clockwork. Impressive for its time but looking back at it now its not really impressive because they weren't truly dynamic. With PS5's beefy CPU everything will be interactive and the NPC's will react realistically to you and the environment. True dynamism and real time ever changing situations, not just clock work movements and lines.