IGN: Call of Duty: World at War Wii Review

Call of Duty: World at War isn't a perfect FPS on Wii, and when it all boils down, you can find a better controlling game - one with a slicker framerate, too - in EA's Medal of Honor Heroes 2. What you won't find in Heroes though, or in any other Wii FPS to date, is a package that's this cinematic, this intense, this character-driven, unapologetically brutal, or as varied and intense as World at War. Treyarch has had its hands full in trying to deliver a game that could push out from behind COD4's shadow, and while that main battle is unmistakably happening on 360 and PS3 as a main battlefield, the team still took the time to deliver a seriously impressive first-person shooter on Wii.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.0
Overall -

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Maxned3628d ago

Getting this from Gamefly. If its good enough, I'll buy it.
I am a little disappointed at the slightly dumbed-down multiplayer, though.

Rock Bottom3628d ago

Slightly dumbed-down multiplayer?... Slightly?... Like, seriously?

iamtehpwn3628d ago

6 pointers higher then I expected.
Good job, developers.

3628d ago
BrotherNick3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I knew this game would be okay :) Solid title for the wii.

Elven63628d ago

Its not bad, on the engine side of things the COD engine is a beast, since it was "ported" to a underpowered console it's expected things won't transition 100%.

But hey, atleast it makes things easier for other studios who want to use the COD engine for their games on the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.