More Than 6 Million People Tuned In To Witness "The End" Of Fortnite

An eye-watering number of Fortnite fans tuned in over the weekend to watch the battle royale's long-rumored demise and the aftermath left in its wake.

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SinisterKieran542d ago never truly ended.

AnubisG542d ago

Why unfortunately? Millions enjoy it. Why should they not be allowed to play this game?
It's not my cup of tea either but it is loved by millions. Why hate?

Kabaneri542d ago

Because its a horrible influence on the AAA industry, it promotes grindy battle passes and shameless microtransactions. Its ok in Fortnite because its F2P, but this model is creeping its way into more and more $60 games.

542d ago
AnubisG542d ago


This model was started on mobile amd because it was successful, they did bring it to AAA gaming. If you want to throw around blame, you shouldn't be balming a company that does anything they can to maximise profit. Blame the people who buy this stuff. They are the real villians of this story. Without them, there would be no MTX's.

Gaming101541d ago

All of Fortnite MT's are cosmetic. There are literally no pay to win MT's. I wish all games went with this model.
This is exactly why Fortnite is successful. Someone can't just put their parents' credit card into their system, rack up a bunch of MT's to beat everyone else easily. Fortnite isn't that great, they just know how to do MT's properly. I can't stand it when losers who play games all the goddamn day long have advantages because their weapons are infinitely better than the ones you get starting out, and have every perk you can imagine. This is why Fortnite is killing it, and stupid people who don't understand even the basics of human psychology or business don't get it.

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ShinjukuSon542d ago

I'm so cool because I hate something popular.

xxShadow-Shockxx542d ago

I think what annoys people about this game and why it gets so much hate is because of how overrated it is. A lot of people enjoy it but its made out to be bigger than it should

gamer9542d ago

The BR genre just shows it’s nice to have a change once in a while. Certain audiences were sick of Team Deathmatch with heroes/perks for 15 years in a row. I say keep bringing on the innovation – what is the next big thing in multiplayer gaming?

xxShadow-Shockxx542d ago

Im not saying BR, im talking about just fortnite, I love the BR genre and I hope it stays and i hope we keep getting creative new modes for multiplayer in general.

Traecy542d ago

It it really ended I would have paid to see it.