Game Boy Advance - How did it hit 80 million sold? - A look at the GBA and some of its best titles.

Let's take a look at what exactly the Game Boy Advance had to offer, some of the best games and why it sold 80 million units world wide.

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Jimboms651d ago

Oh man! Minish Cap is such a great game!

XabiDaChosenOne650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

I played Advance Wars for the first time during a field trip in elementary school, fell in love hard. With that being said where is the Megaman Battle Network series on this list?

BrainSyphoned650d ago

I have Tactics Ogre sitting right here next to me in my Advance SP.

autobotdan650d ago

Greatest handheld of all time. Double Dragon Advance was awesome. The three Castlevanias were awsome

Double_O_Revan650d ago

Despite the poor design of the original model GBA, the SP was a work of art and still my favorite handheld.

So many great games. Metroid and Zero Mission were amazing. It was also how I played A Link to the Past for the first time.

PurpHerbison650d ago

Original GBA was amazing. All it needed was a backlight. SP cramped my hands.

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The story is too old to be commented.