Blizzard Sets Starcraft II Voice Actor Audition Call has the breaking News: Blizzard Entertainment is seeking Starcraft II voice actors to fill up the position for the role of Jim Raynor and Kerrigan the Queen of Blades. Fansites and the Starcraft community in general will petition Blizzard to hire the former voice actors Glynnis Talken and Robert Clotworthy to reprise their roles.

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Elly3631d ago

Does anyone know why the original actors weren't hired?

Panthers3631d ago

Well 10 yrs have passed. Im sure they have moved on. Its not like they were hovering over their phone waiting for the call the entire time.

donator3631d ago

If they are just getting voice actors, I wonder how much longer it would take to finish the game..

TheIneffableBob3631d ago

Well, they pretty much always work on the multiplayer before the single-player. So, since they're starting to put more work into the single-player campaign, I'd say mid to late 2009 would be a possible release time frame.

morganfell3630d ago

@Panters, ever hear of Metal Gear Solid 4? It didn't let a little thing like 10 years get the way of doing the right thing.

JeepGamer3630d ago

Being called up every couple of years to do their roles again and again is not quite the same as tracking down people after 10 years.

Leord3630d ago

The actual recordings for voice actors will be a week or something. Don't take this as a sign the game will be really late. I still preditc Q1 or very early Q2 2008.

morganfell3630d ago

Ever hear of Transformers? I will bet cash money the original voice of Jim Raynor, Robert Clotworthy, would love to do this project.

Besides, here:

Would you want to come back to voice Jim or other characters in Starcraft 2?

Robert: It would be a thrill to play Raynor again. I've got ten years more life experience (as does Raynor) and I would love to draw on that. Also, I'm curious to see how Raynor's doing... how's he holding up.

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Maticus3631d ago

I'm very surprised Blizzard aren't hiring the same actors, they're usually meticulous about things like that.

Leord3630d ago

Yeah, I agree on that. I know Metzen had this idea and the rest, but I think that they should keep Clotworthy, I really liked the voice, and also the way he portrayed acting (yeah, I know, voice acting is considered "less" than regular acting, but also a reason why it's so much better to have a good one!)

dktxx23631d ago

At the rate Blizzard is alienating their fanbase, even Koreans won't be buying this.

Leord3630d ago

I'm not really sure that would make much of a difference, to be fair. Not sure how much they are in love with that specific voice. Many of them don't even speak any English at all.

Medievaldragon3630d ago

"Panters said: Well 10 yrs have passed. Im sure they have moved on. Its not like they were hovering over their phone waiting for the call the entire time."

Hi, Panthers. I interviewed Glynnis Talken (2003 & 2007) and Robert Clotworthy (June 2007). I interviewed both of them shortly after Starcraft II was announced in Korea at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals 2007.

Both of them told me they would love to reprise the roles of Kerrigan and Jim Raynor. Both actors are willing to do it.

Leord3630d ago

Yeah, I think that the voice of Jimmy is really charismatic and suits SO well. It's this nice guy voice that still can pack a punch if he has to. His face looks nothing like the voice, imho.

Sure, Jimmy also grown some hair, and I'm not in love with the new face, but you can't have em all. I really hope they retain Clotworthy!

Varmint3630d ago

I do remember a news post on some website that was also posted right here on N4G about how Robert Clotworthy called up Blizzard to let them know that he was ready, willing and able to reprise his former role. Blizzard had and still has other plans.

Thanks for confirming, though.

I have to admit, if I ever get to playing Starcraft II, if they do not choose Clotworthy to voice Raynor, when I do see Raynor in-game I will not recognize him as the man I went through hell with in the firsst game (figuratively speaking, of course).