Console Monster: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Console Monster writes: "Free roaming driving games were once a massive step forward in the driving genre. Nowadays they are simply the norm for a lot of different games. While the Need for Speed series has been possibly the most successful free roaming racing series, there is another, often overlooked contender out there in the form of Rockstar's Midnight Club series. Well, the club is back, and this time it's shaking things up in the city of angels. That's right folks, Midnight Club LA is here, and it's quite the ride.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of free-roaming racing games, it basically consists of you having a car, a city to race in, and other drivers to race against. In order to progress you win races to unlock upgrades, and earn money to buy those upgrades. Midnight Club LA follows this formula to a tee and doesn't really add anything new to the mixture..."

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