Capcom Announces Resident Evil 7 Prequel For Release This Month

In a surprise turn of events, Capcom has announced that 2017 soft reboot Resident Evil 7 is getting a prequel and even stranger, it's available this month.

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KeeseToast619d ago

It's a 40 minute VR multiplayer game that is only available at a VR booth in Japan. Nothing to see here

BadElf618d ago

Ohhh for fuggs sake.....

Thanks for the heads up, friend

Gaming101618d ago

I know right, this is basically clickbait.

bouzebbal618d ago

Was confused after reading the article nothing but clickbait...

Babadook7617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

I would not say nothing to see here. If this comes out on psvr at a later date this would be awesome.

TheOpenWorlder618d ago

Some heroes don't' wear capes....they just eat Toast....

Yui_Suzumiya618d ago

Except for Powdered Toast Man.. He wears a cape and he's made of toast 😁

CrimsonWing69618d ago

Thanks for saving me a click and crushing my hopes, lol. Seriously though, you're doing the Lord's work.

Smokehouse618d ago

I’m glad I read this before I clicked. My facial expressions probably ran the spectrum.

618d ago
gamesftw250618d ago

Welcome to sites not doing research...

carcarias618d ago

Damn it. Thanks for the warning so I could avoid giving this site my time :)

WhereIsYourGodNow617d ago

Not all heroes wear capes, thanks @KeeseToast

Juusterey617d ago

So is it actually releasing?

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FTLmaster618d ago

Hope it comes west at some point

Elda618d ago

Not really worth a mention. Next.

zelent618d ago

It's just VR garbage. False alarm...

Shadow Man618d ago

That VR garbage was the best Resident Evil experience I have ever played!

Ratchet75618d ago

Play Resident evil 7 in VR and I'm sure you'll never call that garbage.

specialguest618d ago

I love it! VR is alive and thriving

Neonridr617d ago

I'd say it's garbage because it's not releasing here. The VR was the best part of the RE7 experience.

VTKC617d ago

Garbage?! Have you tried it yet? Jeez

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The story is too old to be commented.