Looking Back to 2014 and The Evil Within

Edgar writes: "Five years after its release, we look back at The Evil Within, its similarities with Resident Evil, and how it reinvigorated the dwindling horror genre."

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DarkOcelet418d ago

This game is easily in my top 3 games this generation. I hope that Tango's next game is just as good as this.

ilikestuff418d ago

I thought they should have a dog that helps out, gives hints and makes jokes too, like a sassy sidekick

LoveSpuds417d ago

Can't say it would rank that highly in my personal 'games of the generation' list, but it sure is a belting game and was sorely under appreciated at the time.

GaboonViper417d ago

The second one is so underrated, incredible game.

-Foxtrot418d ago

It amazes me still how much they improved this

I mean the first game was great but it had its problems, the second was a huge jump in quality

mezati99417d ago

i VASTLY prefer the first one in pretty much every way

carcarias418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

I'm seemingly in the minority when it comes to this game, though comparatively poor sales for 2 compared to 1 say that maybe I'm not. It's all subjective anyway :)

I loved it and found it much better paced and with much more variety in terms of enemies, combat situations and nightmarish environments than the second. The weapons also meant more strategically and had real purpose.

The second game was good too but the reused main areas, limited enemies and jack of all trades weaponry felt inferior. It did tell a better and more coherent story though, but that's the least of my concerns with a survival horror like this.

I think the fact that Mikami was far less involved in the second really showed. The first one was basically a nightmarish, bloodier Resident Evil 4 with a greater amount of gameplay mechanics; you can almost see all the situations recreated step by step.

For me, it's a classic, in true Mikami fashion, despite being a bit rough around the edges here and there.

gangsta_red418d ago

The second game was absolutely amazing. I played the first and while it wasn't bad I had a lot of issues with it. So much so that I didn't play part two for a while.

Huge mistake.

Part two improved on everything I had a problem with in part one.

417d ago
GaboonViper417d ago

Agree, loved the first but very clunky, the second one though, dropped my jaw.

Platformgamer418d ago

the best horror game of this generation period.
i loved the firts and the second game equally, hoping for a third chapter... but ghostwire tokyo seems cool too, too bad the pretty oriental girl leaved :(

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