Halo Infinite Lead Producer Has Left 343 Industries – Report

An official statement on Olson’s departure has yet to be made so stay tuned for the same. In Longo’s case, Microsoft did note that, “The overall creative vision and production of the game remains led by Chris Lee, Studio Head of Halo Infinite.” We’ll have to wait and see how development pans out over the coming year.

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NarutoFox408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

Hmmm interesting. Hopefully this doesn't affect them. This is Microsoft biggest franchise imo and I hope it all pans out for them.

Jin_Sakai408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

There’s definitely trouble in paradise.

Especially when the creative director and now the lead producer leaves before the game is finished.

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xTonyMontana408d ago

@yawnamback Were they senior staff though like lead producers? The last game I can think of that I semi followed that had such senior figures leave midway through development was Anthem and we all know how that turned out. I sincerely hope this doesn't reflect on how Infinite turns out but it's definitely worrying.

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mandingo408d ago

I think you’re in crisis mode

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Jin_Sakai407d ago Show
DJStotty407d ago

Maybe they want better talent? Maybe they were poor at what they were doing?

Maybe they had completed their work on the game? Maybe they want a career change?

2 employees leaving out of the studio is not trouble in paradise, especially when they are looking to hire 21


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darthv72407d ago

Sounds like she was offered a better job and took it. Not saying she was a key person in this games development, Chris Lee is the one making those decisions, but she was obviously able to leave on her own accord (and not cast out over some bad blood). People come and go mid projects all the time. Why is this worrisome?

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RpgSama408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

In August Tim Longo left 343 and MS fans were like "we hated halo 5 campaign, thank God he left the game in Olson hands, he will not be missed or needed", now Olson left and people are like, he didn't add anything of value, he will not be missed or needed, I guess even a goat can be the lead producer of Halo Infinite and people would still follow it blindly as if everything is alright.

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Kribwalker408d ago

Um no one said thank god its left in Olsons hands, they all said that Chris Lee is still running the game, which is still true. No one even heard of olson until she left. True Story

BLizardXD407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

this is not that bad of news. gives Halo a fresh direction from Halo 5.

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TK-66407d ago (Edited 407d ago )


Or maybe you're all dumb for acting like you know how this departure affects the project and that the effects will be negative? Same for other studios.

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Kribwalker408d ago

Hmmm, a lot of people leaving. Hopefully it doesn’t effect the end product as Ms needs Halo Infinite to be an amazing game.

As long as Chris Lee is still running it there shouldn’t be a big change in direction of the game.

-Foxtrot408d ago

Is there a lot of people leaving?

I didn't know there was more who have left, I assumed this was like the first person to leave. What else has happened with 343?

Kribwalker408d ago

longo left in august, that’s when they reiterated that Chris Lee is still the head creative guy and director

bishup25407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

official statement was already made for this -

"Mary’s role as an Executive Producer and then Lead Producer on Campaign was to help drive the game to its completion for our holiday 2020 release date –"

"To put it simply, producers are the ones tasked with making sure the studio is always moving forward – "

"Title is super misleading, there is no creative dilemma inside the studio, and there’s no writing on the walls.
Apologies for the long writeup, but I hope it helps clarify!"

so in other words Mary Olson was never in charge of the actual content but to push everyone for a release date.......why couldn't anyone piece this together in the first place?

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Obscure_Observer408d ago

I think 343i should come up with a public statement on what´s going on with this game and reasure fans that everything is ok.

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MasterCornholio408d ago

Not to be a dick but they will never say that there's issues with development. So I don't see why that's needed.

All they need to do is release a great game simple as that.

Obscure_Observer407d ago


You couldn´t be more wrong.

Thank you @Paytaa

MasterCornholio407d ago (Edited 407d ago )


Why would I be wrong?

I said that they would never say that there's issues with development which is the case for any developer out there.

I didn't say that there are issues with development which is where you are wrong for not understanding me properly.

Then I ended my comment by saying that all they have to do is deliver a great game. Which shows that I do believe that they can do that.

Otherwise I would say something like "There's no way Halo Infinite will be any good".

TheColbertinator408d ago

There might be a power struggle going on at 343 similar to the one at Sony.

purple101408d ago

Which one at sony.? Can you link to any info?. I'm interested

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Jin_Sakai408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

There a rumor Shawn Layden didn’t want to push crossplay and PS Now like Jim Ryan wanted.

Whether that’s true is up in the air. Sony updated PS Now and Crossplay come out of beta after he left SIE. So who knows.

TheRealTedCruz408d ago


Much like we're watching assumed tragedy, with no real information on the situation, in this comments section because it's MS' largest franchise.

rainslacker408d ago


I'm pretty confident most of the "MS is doomed", and "This game is in trouble" comments are happening because we keep hearing those same things when it happens with Sony, instead of just accepting that shit happens, or people leave companies.

Or, it's just what always happens when someone leave MS or Sony, because nothing can ever just have a simple explanation like, "That person got a job elsewhere or retired" or some other such thing.

ShadowWolf712407d ago


Layden was promoting that too. He wouldn't have been speaking positively about either if he were so against it that he "quit out of protest".

babadivad407d ago

The different branches are being chafed by the increasing influence of the US branch of Sony.

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THC CELL407d ago

I think Sony situation happens with everyone
Plus there brexit that happening right now

Sony just opened up in Liverpool

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