Massively: One Shots: Orgrimmar under attack

World of Warcraft players have known that Blizzard was building up the Wrath pre-launch scourge event to a crescendo. After all, precedent was set with the buildup of the Dark Portal opening for Burning Crusade, and even with the server-crashing events for the launch of Ahn'Quiraj. Last night those questions were laid to rest as both Orgrimmar and Stormwind were invaded by abominations and giant flying Frost Wyrms like you see above. This blogger was on-hand to see the battle between Thrall and Garrosh, and the ensuing invasion madness. The event then repeated approximately every 20 minutes until the servers went down for maintenance, giving people who had missed the first appearance a chance to particpate in the event. As the servers are just now coming back up, we'll have to wait and see if it continues until launch - or if there's something even larger in store.

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