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WTMG's Leo Faria: "One thing I always say is that it’s pretty hard to sell a virtual reality game with a 2D trailer. Iron Man VR felt completely underwhelming when it was first revealed at one of Sony’s State of Play showcases, but after actually playing it, I most certainly can’t wait for the final product. It felt fluid, incredibly polished, and most importantly, fun as hell. This might be one one of the best VR games to be ever published by Sony. February 2020 can’t come soon enough!"

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Apocalypse Shadow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Never go on trailers as way of judging a game. Some have very cinematic videos that hype you up only to be some overhead twin stick shooter. Or, turn out to be a terrible game. It also got bashed for not being a flat TV game after gamers loved playing Spider-Man PS4. They hoped for more of the same single player games Sony is known for.

I knew from the trailer that I wanted Iron Man. Not because of the trailer. But what would be expected from the game. Flying, the whine from the repulsor blasts, the Marvel characters. The Spider-Man FFH experience is average looking, basic in its design, but fun to play web slinging through the city. I've got over eleven hundred kilometers clocked. All it has to do is be fun.

So far, everyone that has demoed it says it's fun to play. It's also going to be a game and not an experience. Would be nice if Sony put the demo on the store to let us all try it. Maybe they'd get even more pre-orders.

lptmg31d ago

that is the thing about VR. The marketing needs to be a lot more hands-on than a normal game. They should release a ton more demos on PSN and have VR kiosks on select game stores. VR has a ton of potential but it's hard to sell it. All I tell people is "try it out and you'll understand the hype"

sampsonon30d ago

word of mouth is the best way to get people to buy a psvr. that and trying out your friends or families set.
kiosks have been tried and worked for those that were already interested.
but there are still people that walk through life ignorant and will never try it.