World War 3 Update 0.7 ports game to Unreal Engine 4.21, reworks VOIP, brings network optimizations

DSOGaming writes: "The Farm 51 has released a brand new update for its multiplayer military FPS, World War 3. Update 0.7 ports the game from Unreal Engine 4.19 to Unreal Engine 4.21 to take advantage of the Replication Graph. Theoretically, this will improve the game’s netcode and improve the visuals with physically accurate lighting."

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Sophisticated_Chap744d ago

Good to hear. This game has been on my radar for at least a year now, but apparently, the North American servers are always dead.

iNcRiMiNaTi743d ago

It was barely alive when it came out so I'm not surprised at it being dead. I would see the same people throughout the week

STG_Sepsi743d ago

Would’ve loved to see this game be ported to the Xbox one

741d ago