Are the Gears 2 complainers on to something? asks, "Are any of the complaints about Gears 2 valid?"

From the article: "The shotgun's damage dealing capacity has been noticeably reduced, but I don't think that it's necessarily a bad thing. The shotgun dominated Gears 1 and could easily win against any close range weapon, rendering a lot of the pickups useless. It also completely got rid of the game's tactical element, since there was no need to take cover, when a few blasts from your shotty could dispatch any foe. The new shotgun remedies this, and pretty much forces weapon pickups and tactical play. Well, at least it would if…"

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Bangladesh3625d ago

Their just pissed that they can't shotgun whore like they did in Gears 1.

littletad3625d ago

Now this time some real tactics can be displayed. Think the mortar is too powerful? Then go straight towards the sight and stun the enemy going for it, with your smoke grenade. And the shotgun is not entirely useless, a simple melee followed by a shot still kills just about anyone as good as the first. And the chainsaw is as powerful as it should be. And yes the chainsaw is still countered by the shotgun blast, as long as your aiming.

GUNS N SWORDS3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

the main issue that I had with the shotgun is that it didn't allow for any other tactics to exist, battles would begin and end the same way for X number of times.............till you get literally board.

Bnet3433625d ago

People are complaining about the shotty being nerfed because thats all the can use.

Lord Vader3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Gears 2 campaign is awesome... Horde mode is awesome...

The MP has been virtually RUINED. Everyone on my friends list that are HUGE GEARS FANS agrees... Shotty doesnt work, ALL WEAPONS FEEL SLUGISH... everyone runs around, throws smoke grenades & then chainsaws ppl, walking right through weapons firing... it's AWFUL & so depressing... It takes 15 minutes to get in a map, it's over in 4 minutes, & you have to start all over...

Gears 1 is my favorite MP shooter of ALL TIME...

Gears 2 MP = EPIC FAIL

How can you screw up a game that was so awesome in MP ?!? And I don't "shotgun hoar", I like the Lancer, which is now almost the only usable weapon, but all the weapons just don't feel the same to me as GeOW1... Don't believe me, check EPIC's forums or play it for yourself...

I don't know, but EPIC totally dropped the ball...


The Matrix3625d ago

It's always hard for sequels to be as good as the first one. But I think Gears 2 is a solid game that doesn't disappoint the series.

-GametimeUK-3625d ago

because someone can chainsaw run through a shotgun being shot at them... dont give the chainsaw any more damage just give it a bit of stopping power like the lancer

SpecialSauce3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

i loved gears 1 and apparently still do since to day i took gears2 out of my xbox and returned gears 1 to it's home. gears 1 had the best balance in weapons. shot gun was perfect in gears one and if you dont think so its because your a gears noob. thats how gears is played with a shot gun. for all those people saying it was way to powerful it's because your mad because u suked at gears the past two years. every kid i showed the game to loved that about gears one. and now the winner of a shotgun battle is even more random then it was in the last game.

and dont tell me the chainsaw aint to strong. it's BS how some one can be MVP in a game mode just by sneaking behind a wall and then holding B until you turn the corner. My buddy did that and got MVP 5 games in a row.

thats not the only thing FRUSTRATING about gears 2. it also has the shytyest match making system i ever used. it takes unbelievably looong to start a frigin game. in fact if the matchmaking was a little faster i would be able to ignore the weak @ss shotgun. i literally spent more time waiting on the match making system to work then i did playing the game. my friends got frustrated and just wanted to return to horde which is just about the only thing people are doing in gears because the online play has been fuked with so much.

if so many people are complaing than maybe you ignorant bastards that keep geting pissed every time some one says they don't like something about gears 2 should listen. i mean obviously if sooooo many people dont like it than there is something wrong with it.

Only people that say nothing is wrong with the game are people that suked balls at gears 1 and people that suk MS balls every day.

they better fix this shyt.

Sam Fisher3625d ago

the matchmaking...come on halo 2's matchmaking is better than it, let alone H3.. the fact when u play king of the hill, submission, and/or annex on hail and/or avalanche there aren't any hail or avalanches occurring..that's stupid. and the chainsaw is a bit too much.

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badkolo3625d ago

matchmaking issues ok, chainsaw being abused ok, but the shotty being toned down is not a real complaint.

its a good thing and teaches the shotgun whores to use other weapons, only problem is now everyone uses the chainsaw and its unstoppable.almost unstoppable.

badz1493625d ago

people complaints about almost everything! oh yeah...did anybody remember GS complained R&C for having 'too many varieties'? come on, it's human nature and it's bound to happen for every game but I didn't see anything like this in here before with any other game! what makes Gears2 any different?? why when people complained about Gears2 and a defensive article like this appeared?

DiabloRising3625d ago

Big difference between game issues and fixing game balance IMHO.


i agree, i don't have any problem with the shotgun... my problem is with everything else.

i wont waste my time with my long list of complaints... bottom line.. i don't like what they have done with it.

the great thing is that there are so many great games out now, i am not that bothered about it.

GUNS N SWORDS3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

"Bangladesh- No

Their just pissed that they can't shotgun whore like they did in Gears 1."

you hit the nail on the head, that's all they would do, thank god they did away with that.

IMO it makes it much more realer.

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