PSi: Star Ocean: First Departure Review

PSi writes: "Fans of classic gaming don't have any great need for slick graphics. In fact, we almost have the opposite reaction, thinking that slick graphics and surround sound receive far too much focus in place of story, character development, and gameplay depth. Star Ocean: First Departure was probably a great gig for the graphic designers, voice actors, and musicians involved. "Icing on the cake" or "gilding the lily" as the old expressions go, right? Take classic material and make it better, without changing the fundamentals that made Star Ocean great in the first place, and you've obviously got a winner. Time has dulled the impact of some elements of this game, but the updates that were made in the graphics and voice acting are brilliant. Star Ocean: First Departure satisfies both meanings of the word departure; the updates show us an interpretation of "departure" as either a variation or fork in the road, while playing the game that spawned its own legacy and influenced many others speaks to "departure" as the beginning of a journey."

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