Are Gamers too Obsessed with the Cult of Kojima

There's a whole cult of Kojima, which seems to worship games like Death Stranding. But, why do people obsess over him and his games (and is it gettin' kinda weird at this point)?

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masterfox559d ago

Is not obsession, Kojima does justice of what a game should be and not only that! he evolves the gaming genre of what it can be, very few developers aims to do this as well besides Kojima, but the good thing currently all this talented developers are with the Playstation brand. ;)

rainslacker558d ago

Only the people who seem to want to tear him down seem obsessed with him. Fans just appreciate his work and respect his abilities to deliver a good game. Its not a cult.

darthv72558d ago

His work.... I'll take it or leave it. He's pretty creative but he's not the end all, be all.

Atticus_finch558d ago

Darth Good because I haven't seen anyone claim that only you.

bluefox755558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Exactly, all of this so-called obsession is coming from "concerned" game journos from where I stand.
@Darth Who said he was? I'm not even a big Kojima fan, I've only ever played a few MGS titles, but it's hard to deny that he's constantly innovating and at the top of his game.

andibandit558d ago

Yeah until someone skeptical comes around, then the killer-bees come out to defend their queen

darthv72558d ago

@blue & finch, oh I'm sure there are some who worship the ground this guy walks on (especially on this site) but he's just a guy.

Just read through some of the comments about when he left Konami and the people who put him on a pedestal and down voted anyone who said otherwise. Like I said, he is good... just not a god.

P_Bomb558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

“The lengths fans go to explain his brilliance always astounds me. It doesn’t matter how sexist his characters are or how they’re needlessly hypersexualized to the point there are gifs of Quiet’s jiggle physics.”

And there we have it. The woke have spoke. Here’s the thing. Not every product can or will appeal to every sensibility. The social watchdog scene is already affecting Hollywood (ask Dave Chapelle, Todd Philips, James Gunn). Do we really need to apply retroactive social debt to 56 year old game directors too? One moment the media is actively criticizing videogame censorship, the next they’re practically asking for it. If Kojima offends you, wait til you get a load of Nagoshi.

rainslacker558d ago

No person is infallable. I can find things to criticize about any of this games, as I can with any game that exists. But overall, the man can deliver, and while many will hold him accountable to MGSV as if that is the only thing worth looking at within his career, I look at his long history of making great games.

Because he generally delivers, I don't feel like I'm being cultish for being excited for his work. A new IP now that he's out of the yoke of Konami having him make MGS games, despite him not wanting to continue the series past MGS3, is exciting for me. It's one of those things where I get excited for the dev, because i know the history behind it. Just like Shenmue. Not a fan of the series, but can greatly respect what he went through to get it made.

558d ago
Juusterey558d ago

I do see more articles questioning or being negative than randomly praising it

Kingthrash360558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

No cult. Just respect for some one who created the stealth genre, pioneered cinematic storytelling in videos games and made a playable TEASER that revolutionized horror games and adds value to any ps4 its installed in due to konami robbing gamers of one of the more interesting remakes this generation by cancelling it......I mean, trusting a dev who delivers for decades doesn't make you a cultist it makes you a gamer excited for games.

P_Bomb558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

There’s other issues at play here. For all Honea’s moral jiggle high ground she sure isn’t averse to blatant lying. Take this quote:

“It doesn’t matter what words he invents. (Revengeance, seriously?).”

Erm. That’s not his game or word. That’s Platinum Games (Bayonetta/Astral Chain/Nier Automata). Saito, Inaba, Tamari concocted that.

So. Where some see cult I see pot calling the kettle black. A better editor would see borderline libel. When you’re so hell bent on a guy that you’re not even willing to wiki before going all Jonathan Crane in Dark Knight Rises, that’s a problem. Like Crane said, this isn’t a trial it’s a sentencing hearing. Death or exile.

P_Bomb558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

There’s a shared blame if anything. Kojima isn’t an island and Kojima Productions has its own creative and staff (Ryan Payton was a key guy in bringing the western gameplay to MGS4) along with any other collaborators, Platinum (Inaba) or otherwise. Kojima wanted Gray Fox for Rising. His team insisted on Raiden and that’s where it went. His original MGSV concept was for Boss and the Cobra Unit, but the team wasn’t up to the task in one way shape or form. PT was a drastic departure that got cut off at the knees by corporate. There’s been other cooks in the kitchen for years.

“I want to pass game development to the younger generation in my team, and have been trying to do so for quite some time. Before I never could give complete responsibilities for other games, but for Revengeance, they are fully in control."

We’ll see what death stranding brings to the table. Not out yet, so jury’s out.

Vegamyster558d ago


He did not create the stealth genre, the first stealth game was technically Manbiki Shounan/Shop Lifting boy along with other games years later with stealth like 005, Castle Wolfenstein ect. The first 3D one was Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and Theif TDP came two months after MGS on the PS1, that was a much more hard core stealth game, he did add his own style/innovation and helped popularize the genre though.

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zackeroniii558d ago

how does he evolve the genre? was is so evolutionary and revolutionary about death stranding? please do tell.

harmny558d ago

Wait until the game is out

zackeroniii558d ago (Edited 558d ago )


see even you can't tell me and we've GOTTEN GAMEPLAY...nice way to avert my question because you know what i was saying is true you can't even give me a real ANSWER

oh and please tell me what do i have to be jealous about?! i'd love to hear this...

how about you put some thought into your responses instead of avoiding responding to my comments because you know what i'm speaking is facts or because you have a peanut of a brain that you can't spell harmony correctly.

seems to me you're a little too obsessed with this guy.

Atticus_finch558d ago

If you haven't seen it you aren't paying attention. By having played his old games, I can see the clever interaction the game will give us. The gameplay we've seen has been limited. That's why we say wait and see. This won't be you cookie cutter game.

bluefox755558d ago

I've never seen another game like it, it seems like it's something completely new and fresh. Maybe this is all smoke and mirrors to hide a by-the-book open world title, but it doesn't seem like it.

gangsta_red558d ago

Nobody can explain why though which is interesting. We see comments of revolutionary, different, fresh and completely new...then in the same breath we get "we haven't seen a lot of gameplay" , "or we don't know much about the game". I think that proves more than anything this article's point.

jackdaddy558d ago

Go back to fortnite then Mr 'I know fk all'

ilikestuff558d ago

This game is going to jammed packed with pixels, mark my words, there will be pixels everywhere. Kojima can’t help himself when it comes to pixels, he’s so predictable

TK-66558d ago (Edited 558d ago )


"If you haven't seen it you aren't paying attention. By having played his old games, I can see the clever interaction the game will give us. The gameplay we've seen has been limited. That's why we say wait and see. This won't be you cookie cutter game."

There it is. You can just claim this game is amazing and innovative, but as soon as you're challenged on it and cant back the claim up the claim falls apart. Kojima is a God and if you cant see that you haven't been paying attention. I have an island to sell you buddy.


"I've never seen another game like it, it seems like it's something completely new and fresh. Maybe this is all smoke and mirrors to hide a by-the-book open world title, but it doesn't seem like it."

I can agree that I've never taken a piss in a game and seen mushrooms grow from it. But completely new? Sorry dude, but 3rd person adventure games have existed for decades. I know you've just come out of Fortnite and haven't truly experienced what gaming has to offer yet, but you cant just make claims like this. It reveals how ignorant you are.

rainslacker557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


I find it interesting because it has thematic elements which pull from several different genres. Horror, Mysticism, corruption, mythology, and wraps them up in a way to build an interesting story. Game play wise, that's where I'm not as clear how that will go, but I will put my faith into Kojima to deliver based on his past history. If I'm wrong, the so be it, I'll express it when that time comes. Otherwise, Kojima has a style to his stories which break the mold of predictable, and there is always some weird shit going on, which on it's own would be stupid, but somehow, he makes it work while taking the idea seriously.

But what I see is some people who apparently aren't interested, expressing quite a lot about how they aren't interested. It's more like they're more interested in others knowing that they aren't interested.

This in and of itself isn't abnormal in the modern world, but when that gets extended to take a crap all over Kojima, or say that people who respect his work are some kind of cult that has no logical reason to feel the way they do, then it becomes a problem.

Not everyone is great at expressing why they may feel the way they do, so acting like you are in the right for the attitude of demeaning others or the dev over meaningless drivel is wrong, because if history plays out as normal, I imagine no one asking for all these explanations about why it's interesting will find a way to actually acknowledge that my reasons for finding it interesting are valid.

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SyntheticForm558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

He evolves the "gaming" genre? He does justice of what a game should be? What? He does his own games justice? I don't even understand what you're saying, but I can deduce that it's complimentary.

There's no denying that he's a fearless creator, and that he's made good games. His concepts are intriguing and his execution is usually solid, which I can realize and appreciate even if I don't like some of his games. Didn't like MSGV but it was well made, certainly. Kojima's had some misses, imo, but I get why people like him.

He's got something of a cult following and that's fine - shouldn't bother anyone.

kneon558d ago

I've never managed to finish even one of his games. I either get bored or turned off by the ridiculously juvenile humor and characters. It just doesn't work when in other parts of the game he's trying to be all so serious.

Pick silly or serious, not both as doing both requires far more writing skill than Kojima can muster.

xX-oldboy-Xx558d ago

Well hasn't this attracted the usual suspects. Support creativity and diversity in game design.

AAA gaming is fairly dull at the moment.

Kojima's characters are legendary - enough said.

3-4-5558d ago

* What a game should be? He hasn't even touched most genres......stop...just stop

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KillBill558d ago

Well... looks like someone is a card carrying member.

HaVoK308558d ago

Just what an obsessed person would say. 🤔

ABizzel1558d ago

I don’t think there’s an obsession because there are plenty of people who don’t get or care for his games.

However, there is endearment for developers like Kojima who break the norm in an industry that’s supposed to be about creativity, that is becoming highly similar among releases.

Kojima is just that breath of fresh air and borderline crazy artist whose work doesn’t appeal to everyone m, but his boldness and creativity have to be appreciated. And he makes games that at worst are still good if a bit out there.

The industry needs more Kojimas, because the major corporations have to stick to what’s safe most of the time to make millions/ billions.

But Kojima and hopefully more independent developers will continue to push innovation in storytelling, game design, world building, and all the other components of gaming, because their diversity brings a breath of fresh air to constant sequels.

noob_zero558d ago

perfect answer. Kojima, suda51, hideki kamiya, etc. The ones who dare to be different

rainslacker557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I was kind of surprised at the rather sudden turn on Kojima since MGSV. I know it wasn't everyone, and just a vocal group of idiots, but the amount of hate he's gotten because apparently he took too long to make MGSV. I know people always love to look at what they've done for us lately, but no one really paid attention to all the things he was asked to do, by Konami, during the production of MGSV, or that he made one of the most impressive engines of last gen.

There was always a good number of people who weren't interested in his games. Any game could be said to have that. But never have I seen so much vitriol suddenly befall a single dev....especially one that is considered a legend in the industry. Molyneux is probably the closest one, but he spent years building up that disdain by underdelivering. Kojima just took too long to make MGSV, and it's story was kind of weak in comparison to the other games. And for that, he should be burned at the stake, and all his work is now shit

TheEroica558d ago

Lol... Just read the response above and you'll know if they're overly obsessed.

His games are always interesting. Sometimes great... I haven't played a great Kojima game in a while however. Mgs 4 and 5 were good but with some truly noticeable flaws.

Imagine another gaming developer making an open world as empty as mgs5 and getting a perfect 10 score? C'mon.

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Bleucrunch559d ago

PRETTY MUCH....nothing needs to be said after your post.

558d ago
zackeroniii558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

yes...yes they are...they all just hop on a bandwagon and hype train...all followers of trend...

praising a self centered man who places his name on the front of a project that hundreds of people work on as if it is just his own...

i don't see neil druckman plastering his name all over the last of us?

so why does kojima feel the need to?

his games aren't anything nearly as special as other games and as these cultists make it out to be...

besides the element of mystery regarding the story of death stranding...what else can one find possibly interesting about this game? please someone tell me because i really don't see it.

lptmg558d ago

I honestly feel like a good gaming auteur is the guy who has a very distinctive and unique development style, the type of guy you can clearly notice made the game without the need of shoving his name on it every 5 minutes. People like Druckmann, Sam Lake, Tim Schafer, Miyazaki, Fumito Ueda, Suda51... you play their games and immediately recognize their creators, without the need of putting their names on a credits roll at the end of each mission.

harmny558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Sounds like you're jealous. And no offense to Neil druckman. He made 2 great games. Probably 3 with tlou2 all in the last 8 years. Kojima created metal gear in 87. The guy is a legend. Making amazing games for the last 30 years

Angrymorgan558d ago

I dont feel the need to publish my life on social media but many do..its his thing, what he does, and personally, I appreciate the idea of something different

Atticus_finch558d ago

Kojima is a brilliant one man PR machine. Love him or hate him, he is quite good at what he does.

DigitallyAfflicted558d ago

Game It’s not all that you Said. Only thing this game will be it’s something we haven’t played before, Lets braked down so slow one can follow this game will be: new instalment on the new engine directed (like you know let’s say Q.T thats why his name is all over his movies) by Kojima who has a freedom to do anything he wants as he dose have no CEO board to hold him back, He finally is his own boss...

patrickman558d ago

What could you possibly find uninteresting about this game? Please could you do tell me?

rainslacker557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I'd rather hop on the hype train than the hate train.....oh, sorry, I mean the "concern train" where everyone has to act like they are superior because they hate something that's popular. Not that that makes you a hipster or anything....just that you act like one.


So, you cite Druckmann....but don't give credit to Naughty Dog? All ND games since last gen do all have a similar feel. But Druckmann wasn't responsible for all of them.

Ever consider that Konami was pressing in on Kojima before the game released, and that's why he did what he did, beause he knew what was coming? Since he hasn't plastered his name all over prior projects in the same way, why the sudden change?

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telekineticmantis558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

All cult members raise your hand if you bought Zone of the Enders......
⏳⌛⌚⏰⏱🌘ԁ 98;🗓📅 one?

Juusterey558d ago

instead of asking here
google it

zacfoldor559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

The original MGS is one of the best games ever made, to this day. Very few games have you thinking outside the box. The gameplay, the story, and the innovation. The voice acting. It was way ahead of its time and imo, just that one game is enough to create a large fanbase. imo, very few modern games come close to MGS in any way.

opc558d ago

mgs3 was also good. the rest not so much

558d ago
Atticus_finch558d ago

All mgs title were amazing, MGS5 simply needed more work.

CDbiggen558d ago

I don't think any amount of extra time and work could've saved V, it had a crap foundation. The awful vocal parasites, weak characters, Big Boss being a no name medic body double, a stupidly tall metal gear more advanced than ones created decades later, Skull face (what a name) being a FOX operative providing support for snake during snake eater or cleaning up his mess, the fucking jeep scene xD, Zero being in tapes only, the tapes in general replacing codec calls, snake not talking because Kiefer Sutherland being too expensive - probably, etc.

patrickman558d ago

Agreed! Except MGS5 which comes with microtransaction.

Bleucrunch559d ago

No gamer is forced to purchase any video games. Gamers purchase the games they like, love and are interested in. Kojima's "cult" following is a result of over two decades in the gaming industry. He has a proven track record of success with the projects he has released along side his team.

His works are some of the best of all time and he is very serious with his craft and has NEVER to my knowledge shortchanged us with his works. To even suggest that it is "weird" or "fanboyism" to support the aforementioned attributes comes across as click bait and this article along with its ill advised arguments should summarily be dismissed.

Now if you want to talk about "weird" cult followings, then look no further to the folks who support the actions of "EA" or these "Nintendo" talk about a cult following...these companies walk on water as far as they are concerned....this article is of B.S.

Zhipp557d ago

Everything you said about Kojima can be said about Nintendo as well. It's ridiculous to even mention them in the same breath as EA.