What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Franchise Twisted Metal?

Where is Sony’s once-beloved vehicular combat franchise?

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BlackTar187708d ago

Twisted metal on ps3 came out and wasn't as good as we all hoped. Had the potential but they didn't do well on the MP IMO and the game was a bit artificially hard IMO on Single-player. All that said I enjoyed it but I don't think it did well enough to warrant them putting money into a sequel right away

telekineticmantis708d ago

I think a TM with enter and exit vehicle capabilities, each car having a mech or 3rd person mode would modernize it, add big destructible maps, it could be a hit.


Could make it where there are 3 to 5 gangs. 1 person in each gang is the Driver the rest are foot soldiers. First or third person. Each round or game a new player is selected to Drive.

DarXyde707d ago

The mech part sounds pretty bad in my opinion.

The other parts sound like a fusion between Warhawk without the Warhawks and Crackdown 3.

I mean... it might work. Warhawk left a huge hole in my heart and I would love to see a remake or something that recaptures that experience.

Not sure it should be Twisted Metal though. Those games have a following for what they are, not for what they are not.

I agree that there needs to be some modernization because even the old games have not aged well at all. But I think whatever they do to it still needs to be, at its core, Twisted Metal. Mechs wouldn't help that.

ABizzel1708d ago

To put it simple the game isn't really a AAA franchise with the current trends of gaming, and the direction of the last game wasn't good, which is why the franchise spent this generation without any major release.

That being said there's still a fanbase, and a new Twisted Metal can do well if done right, but there needs to be a new team with No Jaffe, and it needs to be a combination of the best games in the franchise (TM2, Black, and Head-On), while focusing on being a remake in the vein of SotC and RE2.

Surprisingly as much as Twisted Metal set the standard for grim vehicle combat, but honestly Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile gameplay is basically a role model for a modern twisted metal. The open world concept would be a hub world to allow exploration and things to do in the world, but also have each character running a certain part of the city/map so that when you take that challenge it limits the map to that specific area like a traditional game.

Plus graphically speaking the Batman Arkham Knight game has the dark gritty tone perfect for a Twisted Metal, and still looks impressive enough to run on PS5, especially if it's running at 60fps.

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Muzikguy707d ago

I was a fan of the twisted metal games so had high hopes for the PS3 game. Unfortunately I didn't play it long at all. It was, for some reason, very hard. I just got frustrated and stopped. I've never had issues on those games before. Control wasn't very good either IMO (not that it was great on other games). This was faster though so it made that more difficult as well

jjb1981707d ago

It was weird especially since I was used to the Control Freak setting.

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gangsta_red708d ago

This is a game that needs to return in a big way. I loved the originals how the maps had destructible environments that changed the landscape and opened up secret paths. Sony needs to bring this back and have the action similar to other Arena fighters like Overwatch.

Put in a racing mode and we have a game that is also similar to Full Auto which was also a damn good game that needs to make a return.

sampsonon708d ago

i loved the first couple of games until they changed the physics of the cars. they used to skid around corners and then they made traction and it wasn't as fun. bring back one and two remake the same physics as the originals but with today's graphics.

gangsta_red708d ago

Agreed. I would even say don't bother with remakes, just do a new one in the same design type as the originals. I can only imagine what a developer could do with todays tech to make a bad ass Twisted Metal.

SyntheticForm708d ago

Yeah, it does. When I think of PlayStation or PS1 I think of this game. The Twisted Metal demo was on a kiosk at the local mall at the now defunct KayBee Toys Store. We played it and were blown away. Then we bought it and were blown away.

If Sony put a top tier developer on this perhaps they could make something great. I don't know if the car combat could still hold my interest but I couldn't get enough head-on ramming, broadsiding, and blowing stuff up back then. What a time it was. Twisted Metal One and Two were so good.

DigitalHope708d ago

I’d love to see if Twisted Metal could be made into a VR game. That’s be pretty cool.

sampsonon708d ago

the first and second game deserve a remake with the same physics and today's graphics and effects .
take my money.

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OMGitzThatGuy708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Sony knows it isn't cinematic and not on rails enough for their modern fans.

TheRealTedCruz708d ago

Reference all of their biggest franchises and still say he's wrong. This is coming from a lover of Last of Us.

Silly gameAr708d ago (Edited 708d ago )


I guess that's what people enjoy, because those cinematic, on rails games seem to do alright for themselves.

And, yes, he's wrong. He needs to play more of the games, and stop watching youtube videos.

DigitalHope708d ago


Funny how the best game on a competitors console is a cinematic 3rd person linear shooter with some open world like Uncharted 4.

Guess those types of games do alright huh?

TheRealTedCruz707d ago (Edited 707d ago )


Funny how you obviously lack reading comprehension. Funny how I acknowledge that the Last of Us, I find, to be a fantastic brand. Funny how that doesn't mean I necessarily state these games don't belong in the market to prosper. Funny how all that doesn't render our points invalid.

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rpvenom708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

I don't think that being cinematic is the issue.. I think its more of the fact that this game and gameplay mechanic simply didn't age well. Back in the day with the types of games we had.. it was fun.. but with today's modern selections.. it's nothing major.. like.. we don't have a modern day destruction derby.. and i know there are a few games that are new with the same gameplay.. but clearly it's not receiving the mass attention or sales it once did back in the day.

maybe if they did a version of twisted metal but more of a kart racing style to battle against mario kart.. might be worth.. but if it's just the same ol arena game.. won't sell well enough to be justified.

sampsonon708d ago

he said as a tear streamed down his cheek

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KickSpinFilter707d ago

No Sony just realizes Twisted Metal was just garbage

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xRacer74x708d ago

Im still waiting for Sony to send me my Twisted Metal that they were suppose to send you when you bought the PS2 network adapter. Grrrr Sony.

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