Game Focus: Neverland Card Battles Review

Idea Factory's series has been around for a long time; it has had some modest success in Japan but almost none in North America. This game does little to promote the series and the likelihood of future games seems bleak. The game's difficulty, weak graphics, annoying voice-work and sound does very little to attract either Trading Card or Strategy fans. If you're looking for a card-based game for your PSP, Game Focus would suggest going back and playing the Metal Gear Acid games. Your other option is to go to your local comic or card shop, buying a starter deck of Magic or World of Warcraft Cards and making some new friends; you'll have a lot more fun than playing this.

+ 200 Cards to collect
+ Will appeal to fans of the Japanese Series

- If you haven't followed the Neverland Series, this won't make you want to
- Steep Learning Curve
- Difficult
- Annoying Voice Acting
- Bland Graphics
- Would have loved if there were bonus cards awarded for winning in multiplayer

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