7 Best Games in the PSVR Anniversary Sale You Should Buy

Greysun writes: "Sony is holding a PSVR Anniversary sale on the PSN store for pretty much the entire month of October. Here are the best games to buy during the sale."

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IamTylerDurden11263d ago

My top 7

1. RE7
2. Skyrim VR
3. Tetris Effect
4. Creed
5. BL2 VR
6. Ace Combat 7
7. Rez

Special mention: VR Worlds, SuperHot VRs

AshleeEmerson1262d ago

I would love to know your thoughts on Skyrim.

Zeke681263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

My top 7

1. Beat Saber
2. AstroBot
3. Blood & Truth
4. Ace Combat 7
5. Arizona Sunshine
6. Driveclub VR
7. Tetris Effect

Special mention: Pinball FX2 VR, Rush Of Blood

AshleeEmerson1262d ago

What are your impressions of the VR missons of Ace Combat?

Zeke681262d ago

Too few but great as VR missions. I really love the graphics and the immersion as I chase the enemy planes through the clouds. Considering everything I heard so far about the PS5 I would not be surprised if next Ace Combat is 100% playable in VR next gen. At least I hope they do a full length VR title next gen.
And Ace Combat 7 nonVR is still a lot of fun so I recommend it anyway, great arcade flightsim imho.

1262d ago
Petebloodyonion1262d ago

My top 7
1) Resident Evil 7
2) Astrobots Rescue Mission
3) WipEout Omega
4) Beat Saber
5) Blood and Truth
6) Rush of Blood
7) Statik

Some faves of mines
Sparc, Project Fx2 and Transference.

Einhander19711262d ago

Polybius, REZ, Tetris effect, Thumper, Astro bot , Moss, Farpoint, Wipeout, RE7, AMAZING!!!!!