Amazon Selling New Games At Low Prices

Brandon of DigitalSomething writes: "Love discounts? God knows I do, especially on new J-RPGs. Great news for any of you who agree with me as Amazon is listing SquareEnix's next big release, The Last Remnant at $39.96, about $20 off the normal price when you pre-order. Not only that, but they'll also throw in a bonus code that will unlock a couple of formations for you to use in-game. In addition to that, they've also got $20 off Infinite Undiscovery which comes with a limited foil print and a code that unlocks some unique in-game items. Together, that's two new great J-RPGs for $80 with a bunch of bonus stuff, so if you've got the funds, go take advantage of these deals. I already have ;)"

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tocrazed4you3652d ago

because infinite is a flop published by Square enix and the last remnant is looking to be a flop too? OXM reviewed it and gave it a 7/10
SE is losing it this gen IN LEVEL 5 WE BELIEVE

-GametimeUK-3652d ago

last FF game I enjoyed was 10... You could tell the series was heading into a totally different direction and it felt different but was still one of my fave FF games...

FFX-2 suckd... which was painful because 10 is probably my second if not first fave FF game
FF11 suckd... i played... i quit within a month
FF12 suckd... i dont like it at all... no emotional connection and the battle system wasnt that great

3 of the most recent console games that have disappointed me... It sucks because 7, 8, 9 and 10 are some of my fave games ever

INehalemEXI3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

SE has been churning out to many games its like the quality is spread thin. I think Crisis Core was great though so they still have the talent. Fabula Nova Crystalis games will rock, Parasite eve 3rd B day and Dissidia too. I know what you mean on FF12.

Whats crazy is there prioritys. They know what the fans want but what there doing is way off. They where going to make PE3rd Bday, and FF13 Agito cell phone games ...what are they thinking those ip's deserve better.

B-Rein3652d ago

well level 5 are awesome ive played all ther games (dark cloud 1 and 2, dragon quest 8, rogue galaxy) and all of em were oustandingly good, worth playing 100%, none of their games are terrible im soo looking forward for White Knight Chronicles

IdleLeeSiuLung3652d ago

Famitsu gave it 38/40, granted it is in the homeland of JRPG.... We will see.

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rbluetank3652d ago

i do not need two flip,flop,flap games in my library of good RPG games. lol both games would not even make good water disk skippers. i will pass... i just hope SE gets ff done right!

TapiocaMilkTea3652d ago

omg....I think I just might give in to buying a Xbox if both the console and the games are so cheap....a day I thought will never come, at least not before I get a Wii.......

ProjectArsenal3652d ago

And this is why I love Amazon! Their service, speedy shipping, and of course, bargain-low price! Not to mention that they don't charge me tax or shipping!

Panthers3652d ago

I would love to see a next gen Dinocrisis game. And not like RE 4, but like old RE games. Dinos are scary if done right.

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