Wipeout 2097 (1996) Playstation Retro Review

Retroheadz take a look back at Wipeout 2097, the fast paced racing game that captured the hearts of the Rave generation but does it still hold up today?

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Jimboms347d ago

Oh man I remember playing this! It was soo good!

Babadook7347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I still enjoy the music for this. FSOL “Landmass” in particular.


contra157347d ago

Game gets wiped out by F-Zero 😀😆

Blu3_Berry347d ago

You mean a series that Nintendo doesn't care to make games from anymore and that the last entry was all the way back in 2004?

CosmicTurtle347d ago

I love F-Zero. They play so differently though. Only thematically do they feel comparable.

CDbiggen347d ago

I only had the demo of this, but damn I loved it - you could blow up the other racers.