Nintendo Switch console sales up nearly 30% in Europe this year

Nintendo Switch is having a good year here in Europe, with sales up around 30 per cent on 2018, and 40 per cent on 2017.

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Gaming4Ever380d ago

Dead on arrival, right? The Switch is selling better than anyone could predict.

King_Noctis380d ago

I still couldn’t believe that people could think that a hybrid Nintendo console wouldn’t sell.

RpgSama380d ago

I mean, it's the successor of both their Handheld console where they have always had astonishing, never matched success and their home console, it was destined to do good.

monkey602380d ago

A testament to the fact that Power is not everything! You need the software to support it.
No point having the strongest hardware on the market if you don't use it's potential

Nyxus380d ago

Playing through Fire Emblem Three Houses right now, great game!

Sty_Azores380d ago

Yeah me too. I was afraid going in, not my type of game, I think I have 11 hours of gameplay, damn, I love so much the characters.

King_Noctis380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

My only advise, recruit as many characters as you can during the first half of the game. I made the mistake of not recruiting more so I’m missing out alot of contents.

AllMightyFox380d ago

lot of people trying to get in on that class action lawsuit …. roflcopters

Ratchet75380d ago

A great improvement but it's still outsold by a 6 years old ps4 week in, week out in that very continent.