Dead Space DLC: Do you care? examines DLC and Dead Space's DLC in particular and asks: Do you care?

From the article: "Electronic Arts revealed yesterday that it would be releasing 14 "premium upgrade packs" for its third-person survival horror romp, "Dead Space." Though most of the content will be available to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners, each platform will get two console-exclusive packs. The extra content, which ranges from $1 to $4, will be available to 360 owners and European PS3 gamers on Nov. 13, while the rest of Sony nation has to wait until Nov. 20."

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ud3655d ago

in a reward system. Something like cut off 100 limbs off with a weapon and receive an upgrade on that weapon / a new skin

Kemicalbeliefs3655d ago

Do I care? Do Bears sh1t in the woods?

I've just finished this game and loved it. Tense, adrenalin pumped moments, panicky moments but overall a good quality game, so of course I care. Reminded me of Bioshock mixed with Resident Evil and deserves better sales than it is getting.

somethingSQUISHY3654d ago

Not about whether you care for Dead Space or not. Sure, Dead Space is an utterly fantastic game. Does that mean I want to shell out five bucks for pointless visual modifications to existing weapons and armor? Uh, nope. I'll pass. As should most discerning gamers.

joydestroy3654d ago

they aren't pointless visuals added. some of the DLC is an upgrade to your weapons, making them stronger or faster.

somethingSQUISHY3654d ago

Well, if you think increased firing rates on existing weapons or flame skins and astronaut suits are worth extra dough, it looks like EA has you covered.

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pp3655d ago

NO Multi-Player = no thanks.

sinny3655d ago

No, thanks for asking
As much as i LOVE Dead Space, it is worth sixty bucks , not more...
and this things are just a rip off

ssmell_ya_l8r3654d ago

Think of us unlucky people in the U.k where we have to pay up to £50 for a new game from a normal high street store! Isn't that close to $100? COD4 is still priced in GAME (our equivalant of Gamestop) at £45 second hand!

Any way back to the point, I completed dead space and really enjoyed it. I dont really see any need for this kind DLC at all, what extra does it really give you?

An extra side story maybe going through what happened to the other characters when you were out of contact with them (ALA Resident Evil 4) would of been nice!!

But seriously, if you need to pay for upgraded weapons then there is something seriously wrong with you as the game is not that hard at all....

except on the impossible setting!!!

joydestroy3654d ago

exactly...impossible mode is where the weapons upgrade is needed. i'd love for the line rack to be faster!

dachiefsman3655d ago

the game is awesome, but make the packaging better. Who wants to spend a buck on a pixelated suit?

not this guy.

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