Interview:A Fan Shows us What A Final Fantasy IX Remake Could Look Like-Sidearc

An amazing user over on PolyCount named Praesidenter has gave us a glimpse of what a Final Fantasy IX Remake could be if Square ever decided to do it-Sidearc

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RizBiz552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I wish FF8 remaster was actually a remaster like this. Unfortunately, we'll never see anything of this quality as long as SquareEnix is in charge.

Godmars290552d ago


Square overall might - dos - need to give up the over fixation on graphics, put some substance in their often convoluted and pretentious stories, make games rather than movies, but...


Yeah, that's all I got....

KingKelloggTheWH552d ago

Yeah, the FF* remaster took a lot less effort than this. This is much more work but looks So much better

CaptainOmega552d ago

Ehh. I’d rather them remake the final Fintasy 1 with a turn based system. Expand on the world and story if they need to.

Everything after FF12, arguably 9 has been mediocre. I want FF back!

InKnight7s552d ago

Believe it or not, FF9 is evolving remake of 1.

ShinjukuSon552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

9 basically copied all the FF's before it. The crystals, the brother story from FFIV, Garland and the 4 fiends from the FFI and FFIV.

ShinjukuSon552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Yeah I didn't like 9. Agreed. Everything after 12 was just bad.

Melankolis552d ago

There are three kinds of development in Square Enix :
1. The one with ambition too high, with FF XIII Versus to FFXV, and FFVIIR resulted in very lo~ng development
2. The one with ambition too low, with low-quality background image of FFIX port and wavy polygon in FVIII Remastered (yes, they called that wavy polygon a "remastered")
3. The one who remaked an IP with a good intention but also with a wrong treatment, that is Secret of Mana PS4 which didn't capture the classicness of the older version

Out of three of them, number 3's approach is quite ideal for FFIX which only needs graphical overhaul, just make it full 3D, nothing less nothing more.

Segata552d ago

Only PS1 FF remake I want.

ShinjukuSon552d ago

I'd prefer 7 it's more epic.

Fist4achin552d ago

Yes. Plus id take 9 over 8.?

Bismarn552d ago

I appreciate the warning, hopefully this will scare people straight about wanting one

NapalmSanctuary552d ago

I don't get whats scary about this. It actually retains the visual charm of the original, unlike FF7R.

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