The Simpsons: Hit & Run Producer “Could See It” Being Remade or Remastered

In a recent interview, the producer of Radical Entertainment’s cult-classic Simpsons game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, spoke on the possibility of a remake or remaster.

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SegaGamer12d ago

I would love to see it, but EA owns the rights to Simpsons games, and they have done nothing with it for years now, so I can't see it happening. They own the license still for one reason, to keep making money from that crappy mobile game (probably the only reason why they got hold of the licence in the first place)

In all honesty, I would rather not have a remake at all with EA in charge. I would much rather see it in the hands of any other company before that happened.

Aclancy8311d ago

If they did remaster the game it would be censored by idiotic sjws. The Indian man we loved from the show Apu Nahasapeemapetilon would be ripped out of the game so fast.

InKnight7s11d ago

Don't forget making a lot of female characters playable and independent and act masculine and makes Bart and Homer sissies.

NnOric11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Please, stop bringing politics to topics where there are none.

InKnight7s11d ago

I had ran Hit and Run on PC last month on emulator, it did really aged well, cell shaded really can live two generations. Just like Dark Cloud 2. A proper remastered version would be awesome then a sequel.

KeenBean34511d ago

The game has aged so well and is a great time. Boggles my mind how EA haven't seen the potential in reviving the series

2BlackBelt11d ago

Yes please!
PS4/PS5 Remaster/Remake asap.

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The story is too old to be commented.