Not every Ubisoft game needs to be a Ubisoft game

Ubisoft’s habit of borrowing systems from other games has its place, but Ghost Recon Breakpoint shows it doesn't always work.

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ClayCyre12d ago

I liked Breakpoint but I get what you're saying. Approved!

King_Noctis11d ago

Ubisoft game formula. All of their modern games follow a set of fixed rule they have implemented.

monkey60211d ago

Ubi definitely have a mould they use when making games now. It has taken all distinction from their library and they'll seem the same now

NapalmSanctuary11d ago

Are we still humoring the crap that Ubi makes by calling them games?

toxic_avengah11d ago

They are very much games. I bet you havent even played one recently and you just go with the flow of what others say.

angine11d ago

That is so true, it would be great!