New Modern Warfare Prestige System Won't Require Re-Unlocking Items, Weapons to Have 80+ Levels

For those wondering how it'll work, a new rumor has cropped up detailing the new Modern Warfare Prestige system, and it'll offer seasonal ranks, with a ribbon awarded to the player for reaching max season rank.

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XiNatsuDragnel11d ago

Very interesting but after hk incident I'm hesitant to buy this game.

gums00711d ago

Even though you still will. Dont pretend to be offended

XiNatsuDragnel11d ago

I'm serious dude that stuff is sick and wrong and possibly doesn't need my money.

spartan112g11d ago

I am as well. I don’t feel comfortable supporting Acti/Bliz anymore.

Kabaneri11d ago

Im glad you dont lose all your stuff, a lot of people never prestiged solely for that reason

excaliburps11d ago

Yeah, but they're not doing an actual prestige anymore as well. I'm hoping we hear more about this soon.

xxShadow-Shockxx11d ago

I always found prestiging to be pointless so im ok with them trying something new

xRacer74x11d ago

That sounds nice. I usually never prestige in games I hate losing weapons or items.

StarLink11d ago

Good. I never prestiged because of that.

Spartacus1011d ago

In other words they don't want you to feel a sense of completion even if you sink 1000 hours into the game.
Reverting your progress to make you go through it again, for the sake of a false sense of progression has got to be one of the daftest ideas brought to gaming. At least with the old prestige system there was still a fixed cap. The new method is technically an infinite grind.
I really hope I've misinterpreted this article.

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