Xbox's Mike Ybarra Leaves Microsoft to Pursue Next Adventure

Today Xbox’s Corporate Vice President for Gaming Mike Ybarra announced his departure from Microsoft.

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StormLegend12d ago

Best of luck to him! He got my respect by streaming God Of War and ignoring the backslash from the Xbox fan base.

SyntheticForm12d ago

What a dumb reason to be angry.

Oh no, a Microsoft/Xbox employee streamed a PlayStation game. I'm so angry now because... 🙄

darthv7212d ago

I certainly dont remember that. Please elaborate.

UnholyLight12d ago

Yeah no doubt, I don't really remember that but I remember Phil Spencer as well talking about Playstation games and playing something and people giving him a hard time. I think it's not representative of EITHER fanbase tbh. It seems more like the internet trolls coming out to just make everyone look bad and turn everything into an issue when it really isn't. It's naive to assume these guys don't check out their competition. I wouldn't be upset at Sony for doing the same...streaming an Xbox game or whatever. Who cares...anything to fuel the fanboy war I guess?

Gahl1k11d ago

Remember when Phil Spencer congratulated Sony and Santa Monica for God of War's rave reviews? Xbox fans were mad, to put it mildly.

Tech512d ago

I thought this was good news. time to see some changes in different directions.

bishup2512d ago (Edited 12d ago )

it is good news. both have a happy ending. now MS should consider making a few remakes.

Jin_Sakai12d ago

Agreed. Time to bring some new blood to Xbox and get better UI designers.

UltraNova11d ago

He might have been poached by Stadia...

BizarroUltraman12d ago

what a dumbass comment when Xbox has been praising every damn great Playstation game!

KillBill11d ago

Been following Mike for some time now and your recollection of backlash for his gaming variety is not really representative of what really went down. A very few outcries ever for him supporting all games. Far more respect for him being a true gamer was ever seen from his fanbase and the xbox gaming community.

Just as PlayStation has a few warped individuals Xbox had similar instances but far from any kind of real backlash as you suggest.

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Nyxus12d ago ShowReplies(6)
FallenAngel198412d ago

Prepare for conspiracist theory articles

ocelot0712d ago

This is not a playstation article.

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gamer780412d ago

its the season for everyone leaving their gaming companies apparently

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The story is too old to be commented.