Crossy Road Castle announced for Apple Arcade: Hands-on preview

Famed Australian developer Hipster Whale has announced Crossy Road Castle, a sequel to its hit mobile game Crossy Road, as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

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SlappingOysters580d ago

I wonder if people will ever take Apple Arcade seriously as an alternative to their console?

SlappingOysters580d ago

Yeah of course. But I mean, when deciding on their options.

Palitera580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

These are not excludents. If you're in your couch and want a deeper, longer play session, or AAA games, your console is a better choice.
When you want a few minutes of play or portability, mobile games. And Apple will probably deliver some very good games through this platform, now that ads or microtransactions is not mandatory anymore.

xVOLTx580d ago

System seller right here