Apple starts selling Microsoft’s Xbox controller after adding support in iOS, macOS, and tvOS

Apple has begun selling Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller after adding support for the gamepad in the latest major software updates for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the Mac. The Xbox controller is priced at $59.95 and is available from Apple’s website.

No sign of the DualShock 4, though.

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Babadook711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Don’t care much what Apple sells because I’ve already got a Dual shock 4 which is supported too and is a better, more comfortable controller.

Zeegamereh11d ago

Idk about that if you look at the competitive scene most players use the Xbox one controller On pc mostly all of them

shloobian11d ago

In no world is the Dual shock 4 better or more comfortable.

blacktiger11d ago

cant believe both of them fighting against about which controller is better,

AngainorG7X10d ago

Better and more comfortable..? Give me a break

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Pickledpepper11d ago

Have you forgotten to take you meds again?

AngainorG7X10d ago

You are not funny genius...

InUrFoxHole11d ago

Agreed. After hearing about the ps5 controller. Xbox is going to get a run for their money next gen

BizarroUltraman11d ago

heaaring about a PS5 controller finally getting features the Xbox One controller already has.....sure😂

11d ago
KickSpinFilter11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Your so wrong on all accounts.
1 PS4 controller had head phone jack MS added that to XB1 Controller
2 PS4 has built in speaker
3 PS4 Touch Pad, never added to XB1 Controller
4 PS5 trigger buttons to have programmable tension, so like pulling a bow and arrow it gets stiffer, not just vibrating like XB1 triggers do.
5. haptic feedback to replace the 'rumble so more like Switches feedback to "feel' surfaces and "momentum"
So 3 current things and 2 future things that Xbox One controller did not have first or just plain does not have.

Vokun11d ago

The easiest way to successfully predict what amazing and innovative things Sony is planning for their PS future is by looking up Xbox patents: https://www.windowscentral....

Actual photo of Sony's R&D team at work:

xRacer74x11d ago

I hope they do improve it. One major reason I do not play on the playstation is that god awful controller.

InUrFoxHole11d ago

Having something 1st doesn't mean you do it the best. That was my point. Maybe ps5 controller will be better

rainslacker11d ago


MS didn't invent the tech. And what Sony is doing isn't what MS has now, or in the patents. MS is currently doing part of what Sony is doing, but that tech has been around long before MS even entered the console market.

At least understand the tech involved before you start trying to claim MS was first.

Artemidorus10d ago

Really? Do tell us more about this new controller from Xbox.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane11d ago

Sony fanboy site unable to digest that truth. I don’t even own an Xbox but I know full well the Xbox controller is the best controller.

I got a PS4 an a switch in addition to my gaming pc.

djplonker11d ago


"I know full well xbox controller is the best"

I mean I will take that the fact ps4 has doubled xbox sales as the controller is considered better vs "your opinion".

The only thing missing from your argument was "fake news" and it could have been a trump tweet.

11d ago
djplonker11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


Sorry forgot this site is mostly used by americans who need an /s

It was a sarcastic point, since neither the console sales or his opinion actually prove which controller EVERYONE prefers

s/s/s/s/s/s/s SARCASM WARNING s/s/s/s/ s/s/s/

P. S gamers would agree cod isnt the best ps4 game because it sells the best, investors would though, you know the ones that fund the games and hold all the power.

bluefox75511d ago

"Best", you realize that's entirely subjective, right? I grew up on playstation, feels most natural to me, never got used to the offset thumbsticks of Xbox. The only thing I like better about the Xbox controller is the PC support.

Thunder_G0d_Bane11d ago

There’s a reason other companies when designing their controllers they look so similar to the Xbox controller.

Google stadia controller.

Switch pro controller.

Design wise Xbox nailed it. No one copies the PlayStation controller layout.

ocelot0710d ago

Somewhat agree with you. Microsoft did nail the mold of the controller. It's nice to hold. But the stick placement is just horrid. The likes of Google went with the best of both shape like a Xbox controller button placement like the playstation. Also like the best selling of controller the F310.

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PhilSpinter11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Agreed, ever since I was abducted by aliens, they did some experiments on my left thumb, they relocated it so now the xbox controller feels great...

Vokun11d ago

Awww so sorry to hear that you were born with congenital hand deformities and a misplaced thumb. Good thing the aliens fixed it so you have normal hands now and can finally enjoy the Xbox controller!

Pickledpepper11d ago

I think while the aliens abducted you, they messed with your brain to.
Your delusional.

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traumadisaster11d ago

I know I’m way behind on things but can you play apple games on your tv with a controller if you buy Apple TV? I know I need to research

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2ndhandcorn11d ago

Good for MS to make more cash and saves on R&D for apple , gee n4g does not seem to have as much comments these days did all other game fans leave the site?.

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