Sony Interactive Entertainment EU reportedly lays off "dozens" amid restructuring

US-based creative services also affected, employee notice given on same day as PS5 details announcement.

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AngelicIceDiamond12d ago

Sony went through the same exact thing during the PS3's time. Cutting the fat and downsizing for better games and efficiency. This looks like the same concept. With emphasis on cloud tech, game streaming especially that PSNOW being a huge part of Sony's plans.

OC_MurphysLaw12d ago

That is fair, but this news also comes on the heels of Shawn Layden stepping away from the company unexpectedly it does raise a few eye brows and hints there may be more to the story than simple trimming the fat.

blackblades12d ago

Still called restructuring, people leave and be replaced just like any other job. Theres always gonna be changes and people always gonna blow things outta proportion.

darthv7211d ago

All of those affected will likely find other places to work. It just sucks to hear when this sort of thing happens.

bouzebbal11d ago

I can't care less.. All companies are doing this. What does it have to do with gaming??!

IamTylerDurden111d ago

Mike Ybarra just left Microsoft, it happens in big business. I doubt this is anything but restructuring and annual trimming for next gen. Jim Ryan ran SIE Europe for years, i'm sure he knows whether or not there is redundancy and a need for cleanup at the European arm of PlayStation.

fr0sty10d ago

The original report said nothing of people being laid off, only that there was restructuring and many people would have to re-interview for their new positions.

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gangsta_red11d ago

"Cutting the fat and downsizing for better games and efficiency."

Not really sure what better games would have to do with this, since Sony's developer houses are not being hit with layoffs.

It does sound like downsizing though as SIEA plans to more than likely take over all of the decisions that relate to Playstation. Most of the times there are jobs that overlap one another and someone has to go.

Good luck to these people and hopefully they find something soon.

"Some employees reportedly feel this is a sign of the growing influence of SIE America and the reduced influence of the EU side, with American executives coming to the EU to make the announcement and EU employees not being informed of the Wired article reveals at all."

Definitely sounds like a sign of SIEA influence. Hopefully after all is said and done there will be more transparency between both companies across the pond from each other.

Raiden10d ago

It s the shareholders, no one is looking at it properly, the PS4, is the most dominant console this generation, it's had most of the 3rd part games DLC and marketing locked in, DLC would appear 3-6 on other platforms console and PC. These options ate not cheap, there was a time when game developers market there own games, when Sony started paying to bring games to the PS1 it all changed, developers/ publishers realized that companies would pay them to keep games and there content away from there rivals (goodbye SEGA), Jump forward to this gen, 100 mil ps4 sold worldwide, excellent work team we crushed MS/Xbox , so let's see how much profit we made, hold on, wait why is our profit margin only 2.5 Billion more than Xbox, wait we sold double and had all the important games from 3rd parties, so why don't we have more income, let's look at how we were spending, hold on we made money on 3rd part sales and we made 100% profit on first party ones too, this make no sense, this is how shareholder think, for them its the profit, you can't show the world you have the market share and no income to show for it, GOW reboot, days gone, GT. How many GOW games have been released this gen when compared to Gears, 2 gears games were released three yrs apart in Development to, TLOU came out in the last gen and now the sequel is coming out at the end of this gen, GT only one showing this gen, Forza made it appearance 2-3 times this gen, I fully understand that time taken to develop a game is needed, GOW V Gears 5, gears 5 took 3yrs GOW took double that time. Even Shawn Layden said it, next gen games won't be there big blockbusters and won't be making as many, PlayStation has wasted so much money on blocking content from there competitors to gain a upper hand in the market space, all these lay off are due to miss spending, I listen to all these podcasters this game sold numbers and that number but at the end of the day if you are using that money in the wrong way shareholders are going to ask for heads on the chopping block, MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS. I WISH YOU ALL THE SUCCESS FOR YOUR FUTURE. It's sad 😢 but shareholder only care about their investments bottom line. Forget MARKETING DEALS and DLC let the publishers publish there games and let the gamers choose the platform they want and let your first party game developers do what they want, anyway I'm just pointing reasons for lay off and what might have been the cost of people's income.

343_Guilty_Spark11d ago

Has nothing to do with better games.

11d ago
IamTylerDurden111d ago

Jim Ryan ran SIE Europe, i trust he knows the branch.

King_Noctis11d ago

So people are considered as “fat” now. Interesting...

ShadowWolf71210d ago

No, but branches, divisions, and positions are. Hence why those people are also having interviews schedules to either re-apply for a similar position or a new one within the company.

Imortus_san10d ago

PS4 is a shadow of PS3 in games and exclusives, but hey, if you want less games good for you, I want more games.

trooper_10d ago

You’re out of your freaking mind. The PS4 delivered as many games as the PS3, if not more.

Imortus_san10d ago

Say no to drugs!

PS3 250+ titles vs PS4 130+ titles

Christopher10d ago

"There are currently 2287 games on this list."

"There are currently 1441[a] games on this list."
"There are currently 762[a] games on this list."

2303 games

I don't think that falls under a shadow of its former self considering it's got a year left before the start of the next generation, let alone cross-gen games.

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gangsta_red11d ago

Good luck to everyone who lost their jobs.

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HighPlayer2811d ago

Its crazy you got downvotes smh.

11d ago
zodiac90911d ago

Welcome to N4g.."Negativity 4 Gamers"

Traecy11d ago

I'm guessing lately a lot of first party development work hasn't been coming out of Europe lately except GG maybe that's why they're downsizing.

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nucky6411d ago

i don't see this as news anymore - it's common knowledge that sony has been reorganizing - and that, unfortunately, involves some job loss.

IamTylerDurden111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Jim Ryan ran SIE Europe, he now runs SIE as a whole, so he probably knows the European arm inside and out and where there is redundancy and need for trimming. Loss of jobs is unfortunate, but Sony did acquire Insomniac and they are 100% dedicated to grow the brand. They are doing what they feel is necessary to have the best and most efficient company. PlayStation is Sony's golden goose, they are making decisions to strengthen the brand for the long-run. I wouldn't worry.

SethBrundlefly11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Has anyone over 35 ever worked for a company where this happened? I rest my case.

Kribwalker11d ago

Once at a lumber mill i worked at. First they made us agree to pay cuts, then the ceo left for a rival mill, then one day on our break a bunch of suits walked in and said “as of right now, we’re shut down. you will get one week severance for every year you’ve worked” and that was that. Really shitty. Especially since i was back 2 weeks from my honeymoon and it was 3 weeks till christmas (and in january it woulda been an extra week of severance)

Christopher10d ago

What? I'm confused. Is it your case that this isn't something new? Because definitely happened a ton since the depression.

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