Square Enix Touches on Final Fantasy VIII Remake

Yoshinori Kitase recently said during a Famitsu interview that a Final Fantasy VIII Remake would require a younger development team.

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-Foxtrot549d ago


So...there's a chance?

I mean sure, once the FFVII is totally finished and then they start actual development of FFVIII which would be like what? A PS6 game at this rate but at least there's a chance.

Holy shit can you imagine the Garden Battle done today, even all the little nitpicks people have dug for to put the game down they could fix. Main one is maybe add more things to the build up of them loosing their memory, maybe Irvine is shown that he remembers them straight away but keeps it to himself when they don't show any acknowledgement back, let us explore the world during time compression fully with more quests, then you could possibly add the Rinoa is Ultimecia theory to make that "perfect" ending bitter sweet.

Godmars290548d ago

"once the FFVII is totally finished"


(When "lol" just isn't enough).

Then again - somehow - you totally forget that this is Square we're talking about.

If this FF7 Remake "series" shows any level of traction, I imagine they'll announce similar for FF8 at the very least.

bouzebbal548d ago

In other words, show Ff7 remake some love, claim ff8 remake 😍 and it will happen

Godmars290548d ago

No. I mean if the second of nth parts to FF7 Remade sells well, Square wont be able to control themselves. They'll start talking up, rumor mongering, doing action based "Remades" of as many FF entries they can get away with. Which will be all of then.

Nevermind that the first of those efforts, FF7 Remade, likely will never be truly finished so long as a new "part" is put out that sells.

goldwyncq548d ago

"maybe Irvine is shown that he remembers them straight away but keeps it to himself when they don't show any acknowledgement back"

It was foreshadowed in disc one when he began panicking when he had to pull the trigger on Edea during the parade. I'd rather they keep the twist subtle instead of outright spelling it out.

RpgSama548d ago

I agree, maybe add a little more subtle hints here and there throughout the story up until that point to foreshadow it more, there's a lot they could do on top of this, plus nobody is mentioning the best part about a remake, a majorly upgraded TRIPLE TRIAD!!!!!!

-Foxtrot548d ago

I think if that was the case then they should have hinted at it more with interactions, but obviously at the time with graphics it couldn't be hinted at with body language and facial emotion.

The fact he couldn't do it last second seemed it was more it was about another thing with what he said during his chat with Squall.

Even if he said later when the truth came out during the Orphanage scene, "It's the real reason I couldn't shoot her guys" or something along those lines then I could have bought it more.

ReVibe548d ago

All I can think of... Esthar city.

phantomexe548d ago

I hope they go with 6 instead. I mean they talked about it before and given the detail of there 7 demo i'm really for it now being they added classic mode. FF6 aka 3 on the snes is by far the best story they told in my opinion. I love 7 and 8 but 6 in my favorite.

oakshin548d ago

Kefka made 6 for me for checking all the boxes of a great villain something alot if ff games don't do for example in 7 sepheroth is to kool and likeable to be a great villain great character sure but a villain isn't meant to be likeable

Kefka is ignoring an obnoxious and you know he's a winner also witch is super rare also what I'm trying to say is I vote for 6 as the next remake f

instantstupor547d ago

NO! 8 is routinely forgotten, left out in the re-release schedules (or added in well after, like with Switch releases of 7 & 9, but no 8...hmmmm), and given a bit less love in general. Let us, those who love 8 the best of the PS1 era FFs, have something...for once!

Tapani547d ago

The classic mode makes the combat akin to FFXII, not the original FFVII. Nothing wrong with FFXII system, though!

porkChop548d ago

I would honestly love that. FF VIII is such a phenomenal game. It's a shame that the game was so heavily overshadowed by FF VII.

PhoenixUp548d ago

I’d wait for Square Enix to fully complete the FFVII Remake before suggesting anybody get excited for any full scale remake

The only other remakes Square Enix can do in the meantime are lower scale 3D remakes of 2D games such as with Trials of Mana.

RedDevils548d ago

Especially considered how long they took 15 lol. for 7 I think I would take another 5 lmao

Elda548d ago

I'll be a senior citizen when & if that happens. LOL!!

instantstupor547d ago

How bittersweet the timing would be. One of your childhood favorites playable again in the twilight of your life. Just this time, it'll be in like...80k definition...and in roomscale hologram-o-vision. Well, the name will be the same at least lol.

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