Dragon Quest XI's English Voiceover Isn't That Bad

Despite universally positive reviews from critics and fans, Dragon Quest XI seems to be taking a bit of flak for the outlandish English voiceovers.

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gangsta_red12d ago

Except for that gay character pictured above who is way over the top.

Segata12d ago

Fool. Sylvando is the absolute best!

gangsta_red12d ago

He was the worse team member besides that old man.

ZeekQuattro12d ago

I'm about 40 hours in. No voice feels out of place for me. Even Slyvando is fine. He's over the top to begin with and the voice suits him especially later in the game so thought spoiling anything. He's a circus performer after all and the game plays on that.

JBit9212d ago

At first I found almost every voice annoying. Then, as I played more, I realized that the game is just quirky and that's part of the charm.

Question_Mark12d ago

Of course it’s not that bad. The English voiceovers could be the best in the world and those idiots would still say it sucks.

zacfoldor12d ago

I'm playing with the Japanese VA and they are great.

Pyrofire9512d ago

Some would say it's quite good. A-and anyone who says it's bad is RaCiST.