Could this be PlayStation’s Next Slogan

The next slogan for the PlayStation brand might have been revealed without us even noticing.

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Jin_Sakai354d ago

Not bad. We’ll find out soon enough.

“Be Amazing. Be Amazed. Be (PlayStation)”

CaptainCook354d ago

The slogan is kinda cringe worthy at best

Jin_Sakai354d ago

I could care less what an Xbox fan thinks to be honest.

SegaGamer354d ago

Most slogans are to be honest.

SpineSaw354d ago

"The slogan is kinda cringe worth at best"........yet not at catchy as the " We don't care and it shows" slogan that Microsoft uses huh?

SyntheticForm354d ago

It's lazy millennial "amazing" crap. These kids literally can't come up with anything better so they use the go-to "amazing" crap. Someone smarter at Sony needs to step in and teach these kids about marketing.

JustTheFax354d ago

Be pretend worried. Be fake concerned. Be Xbox Fanboy.

KillBill353d ago

@Jin_Sakai - come on, deep down you just know that is not true. You thrive on every reaction from and Xbox Fanboy so it can feed your won PS Fanboyism.

Palitera353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Wow, we got a marketing expert here. @SyntheticForm
:´D :´D :´D

ilikestuff353d ago

I don’t care about a slogan, make a good system and make good games for it. Leave the slogans for used car dealerships and cereal commercials

UhOh353d ago

I don't mind them showing me what type of people they are in terms of personality. Corny mofos.

AlexMuncatchy353d ago

Your right. I prefer Xbox's "Eh, we got Halo, right?" slogan.

BadElf353d ago

lol see how cringe worthy the replies are, Captain? Sad, really...

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sprinterboy354d ago

Could of put it on the cover to gauge reactions I guess.

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SyntheticForm354d ago

I think they should go with something different or just keep the great/greatness theme - it's good and it works.

This "amazing" stuff I'm not too keen on. I actually don't mind the "be amazed" part but "be amazing" implies that one is amazing for choosing PlayStation which is silly, and yes, full of cringe. It's cheesy. I like PlayStation and don't want it to be associated with that kinda cheese.

They nailed it with the "Who are you not to be great?" spiel with this guy.

This "amazing" crap is a step down, imo.

rainslacker353d ago

I think it's more along the lines of you can play as someone amazing in the games.

SyntheticForm353d ago


I get it. I do. This is admittedly more of a personal problem with the word "amazing" being applied, imo, way too liberally these days. The things people call amazing (pretty much everything) these days just shouldn't be called amazing. That's just how I feel.

In the case of a slogan for PS5, It's uninspired, safe, and frankly it's boring.

KickSpinFilter354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Should just be

"Be (PlayStation Icons)"

darthv72353d ago

Play it hard. Play it loud... PlayStation

SkatterBrain353d ago

Be Phenominal Be Powerful Be Playstation

rainslacker353d ago

Think it would be better without the Be Amazed part.

IamTylerDurden1353d ago

I trust Sony to have some good ones. For the players and greatness awaits were both excellent, but in reality people loved PS4 because it was a great system with great games that focused on what's important.

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purple101354d ago

This is not just any playstation, this, is a Sony playstation

ShinjukuSon354d ago

What about the Nintendo PlayStation?

mastaleep354d ago

It is up for sale. Highest bidder will get it.

goldwyncq354d ago

"It only does everything" is still the best slogan they've had.

UltraNova354d ago

Yes it was, so much so that MS liked so much that they named their next console after that.

RevXM354d ago

Reminds me of the kevin buttler ads. those were the days.

cannon8800354d ago

"Live in your world, play in ours." That's the greatest playstation slogan ever in my opinion.

rainslacker353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

That was always one of my favorite.

For the players was also a good campaign.

Their marketing has been kicking it out of the park since they got the new advertising company right before this gen started.

Ratchet75353d ago

Do not underestimate the power of playstation campaign was better imo.

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