Nintendo's 5 Biggest Gaming Industry Mistakes

Nathan Mills: While Nintendo is loved by fans and has made some of the highest selling consoles ever, they're not without their faults. Here's their 5 biggest mistakes.

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EddieNX 661d ago

How exactly is making Billions and advertising their franchises through Mobile a mistake?

It's an absolutely triumphant success for Nintendo and will make Switch games sell even more.

EG: someone who loves animal crossing pocket camp will see the advert for Animal.crossing Switch and then go and buy them.

Although Nintendos arent cerh good, it's an absolutely master stroke from a business perspective.

akaFullMetal661d ago

Not having a basic message system on switch.

WickedLester661d ago

That sucks but "biggest mistakes?" No, not even close. Nintendo has made way too many worse mistakes for that to make top 5.

InKnight7s661d ago

Well this really weird, but to be honest I rarely use massages on PS3, Vita, PS4.

WickedLester661d ago

Sticking with cartridge instead of going with CD-Rom on N64.

Orionsangel661d ago

I still think Nintendo limits themselves by always releasing under powered consoles. Their next console should try to match the power of PS5. They would open the door for so much more.

mamotte661d ago

I still think Sony limits themselves by always releasing big consoles. Their next console should try to match the size of Switch. They would open the door for so much more.

Am I doing this right?

Orionsangel661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

No, because your statement makes no sense. PS4 can easily run any modern game whether it's high end or low end. The Switch has issues running high end games and then games like RDR2 can't be on the Switch. Nintendo is limiting itself in that manner.

WickedLester661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

Yeah, well. I'm not a child who rides in the back seat everywhere, I don't travel for my job, and I don't have long commutes to and from work using public transportation. Explain to me why a dedicated mobile gaming console benefits me in the slightest. I only take so many craps a day. I would have much preferred Nintendo to release a powerful dedicated home console.