This 10000mAh power pack sticks to the back of your Nintendo Switch and it's only $35 right now

If you're looking to squeeze a few more hours of battery life from your Nintendo Switch, an external power bank is your only option. This is the first hanging power bank for Nintendo Switch.

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NarutoFox12d ago

Thinking about getting this.

djplonker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Make sure it's actually worth it vs a normal power bank

I can't really think of many benefits of having a powerbank attached to the switch.

godashram12d ago

1 reason...easier than having a cable dangling to your powerbank. Now is this any good? no idea, it seems like it would invite added heat on the back of the unit.

mikeslemonade12d ago

The controllers should come with batteries that charge the system but without increasing the size.

djplonker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


Yeah that was the only thing I could think of but then the unit will weigh considerably more which would be more annoying than a cable would ever be.

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Gemmol11d ago

Get a regular power bank make it a 60 watt power delivery portable battery they charge it up as quick as dock

MazeRunner11d ago

how many times can you charge your switch with 10000mah power pack?