PS5 and Xbox Scarlett's SSD Could Be The Most Troublesome Aspect Of Their Design

From PSU: "While the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett's super-fast SSD are an exciting facet of the next console generation, they equally might end up being its Achilles heel, too."

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feenix-511d ago

Ummmmm, no. An ssd is easily the best part, now piss off with the "shock factor" titles/stories

TheScotsman11d ago

Click bait drivel for sure bud

darthv7210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Most people know the benefits of SSD as it relates to a PC. You can get drives in different form factors. SATA, PCIE, M.2 but all in all their capacity is behind that of mechanical drives. in my own PC I use a split design of a 120gb SSD for my main boot drive and a 3tb mechanical for the rest of the file storage.

The PS5 will prob not let you swap that SSD because it either may be surface mount or M.2 (and not as user friendly to replace as SATA) but they could still offer user replaceable SATA for bulk storage. I have a 2tb SSHD in my PS4 now and I know that Seagate is working to make 4tb drives in SSHD and be just as thin otherwise 4tb mechanical drives in the 2.5 form factor are quite thick.

So IF this is the case of the SSD (in both) is non replaceable then yes, its use could be a problem unless they also offer additional storage options to offload (and hold the bulk) of the games. And since most are saying external drives arent quick enough (I use a 2tb ext on my xbo and never noticed a problem) then its likely that a secondary storage option would be internal (SATA) which would be quicker than external (USB3).

Gardenia11d ago

Actually this is a big problem. Digital Foundry just made an article about it on Eurogamer. That's where this article is based on clearly.

PS5 will have most likely a 1TB SSD hard drive, which is not much for a next gen console. The problem they say is you cannot upgrade external because of bandwidth limitations of USB. This means you have to do with the same 1TB for the next 5 years. Hopefully this is not the case.

anonymousfan11d ago

Yup that's my biggest fear... With games taking over 100 gb already now (RDR2 on pc is 150 gb!?) I hate the prospect of having a gaming collection I have to sit there and uninstall/install for a while instead of picking up and playing as it is I have about 70 games installed on my external hard drive and I love it that way.

MephiSkA11d ago

We actually don't know what SSD prices will look like by the end of 2020, the pries of bigger drives are still going down. I bet the current prototypes have max 1TB of SSD drive space but when they get the final design down and begin production next year, they might have a 2TB option for the same price as the current 1TB price. Those are just speculations but it could definetly happen.

KwietStorm11d ago

The easiest way around it is to not actually play games off the external. Swap them out with your current games to the internal, and move them around accordingly. It's what I do right now with the SSD in my PS4. You don't need access to your entire library at all times.

frostypants11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They will have modular installs to offset the issue. E.G. delete single player but keep multiplayer. Also the games will take up less space than they would on an HDD because the games won't need to install redundant assets to handle slow HDDs.

External drives are a nice to have but I wouldn't trade awesome performance for that.

Razuel11d ago

it has got to be a buffer, memory or ssd, and traditional hard drive for the storing.

SephirothX2111d ago

This is another reason why streaming is the future. Games are getting so big and content will be in digital form only and writing to a ssd is slow which doesn't help either.

kneon10d ago

Does anyone know for sure that there isn't also a regular hard drive for main storage? the OS can easily manage moving things on to Ssd when needed and moving the least played games back to hard-drive when space is needed on the Ssd

gerbintosh10d ago

Did anyone not pay attention when Sony stated that a lot of the game disc install is for the same assets on multiple parts of the current hdd in order to speed up loading. With ssd's the install for games should go down.

neoandrew10d ago

That could not be the case, there is also a technical rumor it will be an ssd cache disk of size lets say 256gb and at the same time a standard 1/2 tb hdd. (the rumor is the same for m$ console, m$ used words "used as virtual memory" regarding the ssd)
It would work the way that any running game files would be copied to that ssd, after a max of couple minutes the whole game would be on that ssd so only the initial load would be slightly longer, but then full ssd speed til u change the game.
This is how such ssd cache can work and u can use it today on pc with software like storemi or primocache, but a console mostly plays games so thi scould be optimized, this kind of setup would fix many issues
- it keeps the price lower, u can have smaller super fast ssd that will still hold even huge games up to 256gb, one at a time so u can make the console cheaper and not lose the speed
- external usb drives are non issue as the games files will be copied on fly to the ssd cache too
- u still have a 1tb hdd that u can further extend and dont worry u need to buy a ssd to keep up

dumahim10d ago

Or they can have the SSD for "installed" games and have a separate drive for mass storage that you just move over to the SSD when you want to play it.

dumahim10d ago


"Did anyone not pay attention when Sony stated that a lot of the game disc install is for the same assets on multiple parts of the current hdd in order to speed up loading. With ssd's the install for games should go down."

Sure, that's why they're using 100 GB discs now, because the size of the installs will go down.

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BenRC0111d ago

Didn't understand it? Maybe too many big words.

Sgt_Slaughter11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

As Gardenia pointed out, yes this could be a big issue especially with games pushing 100GB+ AND 4K assets being implemented. Think about the claim further than the headline next time before commenting.

UnholyLight11d ago

Anything for a quick click these days

badboyz0911d ago

Every new gen all we do is overhype & specualte too much Just wait!!!!!!!

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Apocalypse Shadow11d ago

"What you talking about Willis?!"

**Of course, we’re still in early days yet. Both consoles will launch in just over 14 months and there are still plenty of gaps in the technical specifications for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett respectively.**

So you don't know enough and are speculating without facts? Okay Willis.

Thundercat7711d ago

On the PS5 , with Mark Cerny as the legendary system architect, I doubt it.

Tross11d ago

So...the author's thinking there will be space issues? Maybe, maybe not. Let's cross that bridge later and look into external SSDs if it becomes a problem.

Slappy McGee11d ago

Is the transfer speed of usb as fast as an internal SSD?

TheScotsman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Well if the bus is fast enough, internal ssd vs external ssd using usb3 interface, on my xbox one x, its not so clear on my ps4 pro, reveals only milliseconds difference. So I would say Yes

TheScotsman11d ago

Not sure why the down votes, it's facts 101 look at the tests on youtube

dumahim10d ago

You're getting downvotes because you're using current console SSD performance to the next gen SSD performance which is being claimed to be leaps and bounds better than the current gen as evidence of data transfer speeds over USB will be fine.

mastershredder11d ago

Geez... whatever. What's next? the power cord? Keep grasping that air.

rainslacker11d ago

Why not. External power supplies are apparently a problem.

There is a lot of stretching to try and find things to be concerned about nowadays.

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