Google Stadia will be “faster and more responsive” than local gaming hardware

Google Stadia will be faster and more responsive than local gaming systems in “a year or two,” according to VP of engineering Madj Bakar.

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Jin_Sakai417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Google Stadia will be faster and more responsive than local gaming hardware in “a year or two.”

Sure it will.

TheScotsman417d ago

It will there will be no lag and it will be the most awesome thing ever. Or like we all know it will be a bucket of laggy crap

417d ago
UltraNova416d ago

If I was Bakar I would first worry about Google not axing Stadia in two years... let alone make silly comments like that.

rainslacker416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Streaming works now, and lag can be within acceptable ranges to not affect the game. Some games may be more affected by higher lag times, but a game loop is usually only every 33ms, and generally doesn't require immediate input to process the render.

But physics dictates that a remote server will never be as quick as a local client, if the local client is of a relatively equal level. Common sense and copious anecdotal evidence which is backed up by statistical data on average internet speeds and latency times suggest otherwise. MMO players, and even some console players, go through extra efforts to reduce their lag from common set ups from their ISP's. I was happy getting 50-60ms lag times when I played WOW. I could manage 30-40ms under ideal conditions. For comparisons sake, the average controller on console has a lag input time of <5ms, and can process that data on the next game loop execution after that input is stored through some interrupt in hardware/software.

elazz416d ago

Actually they talk about predictive button presses. So Stadia predicts what you'll press to mitigate lag. If stadia was bad for gaming than this is even worse. There is no value in knowing that the computer did all the work in playing your games.

UhOh416d ago

Physics in terms of technology but, there is no way to empirically prove modern physics theories. So effectively yeah. If you have the proof explain. Cuz I am sure not one person who visits this site with a site history can prove anything about any of those technologies. But, be my guest if you can. Or just hit the downvote. Kinda of like people and their politicians. Mainly hearsay.

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crazyCoconuts417d ago

If not they'll just change your search results to make it look like it is 🙂

TheScotsman417d ago

It's only funny coz your on the money, they have control and can filter whatever they want out of our sights

rainslacker416d ago

Unfortunately, when it comes to a service like this, search results don't mean much if the actual player experience doesn't match up. Someone who gets frustrated playing a game because of potential lag, or perceptible lag, which can be introduced at several points in the input/output or delivery process, aren't going to keep subscribing, and getting people to come back after a subpar experience is going to require more than just some positive Google search results.

UltraNova416d ago


They can always follow MS's example by practically giving everything away for almost free initially until everyone has ammased a big library of games, saves, friends, achievements etc and make it almost impossible to leave your service platform. Then when its already too late, show your true colors.

CaptainObvious878417d ago

This is literally the stupidiest thing I've heard and he's suppose to be an enginer. I assumed they studied physics...

crazyCoconuts417d ago

Dude, puhlease! Google has created a new network that uses quantum entanglements that can span any distance without latency. It's so obvious!

badz149416d ago


their network can also travel back in time apparently. that's the only explanation as to how it can be faster than native hardware LOL

rainslacker416d ago


Unfortunately, they missed the class where FTL travel of matter or energy require an infinite amount of energy...which I'm going to assume most people don't have on their current 200 amp service within their homes. Not to mention that to make it work as theorized kind of requires matter to create that energy that hasn't been proven to exist, and that in some cases, requires going out of normal space time in an infrastructure set up ahead of time....and I don't think all the ISP's have implemented "warp drive" physics within their fiber optic networks or multiple server clusters that every piece of data will travel through.

UltraNova416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Screw Stadia, we know Google...what I'm really interested in is MS's PR pitch about how Xcloud is bends Physics, its a breakthrough because it uses Quarks, not light, and how it surpasses Quantum entanglement speeds to provide the bestest, fastest (ehm, strongest??) , lag negative(yeah you heard it here first folks, we are in the negatives now) out there....

UhOh416d ago

I know this is marketing and I know we don't yet have any technology that is claimed to exceed lightspeed but, physicist have not empirically proven the truth about light. If you have proof tell me. We don't have literal microscopes that can go down to the smallest claimed chemical and physical properties. We have not been to the next solar system. We were not here from the beginning. We are supposedly not that old as a species and especially as an advanced species. We can only accelerate particles to limited speeds and energy values. We don't understand gravity. We use electron microscopes for indirect observation meaning resultant and not direct observation meaning causal. We don't actually know how far particles go down because the microscopes have limits as well. Now if anyone can at least explain laser and radio technology that would be a start on this site.

UltraNova415d ago


The LHC(large hadron collider) was created to observe down to sub-atomic levels. It was used to observe man made sub-atomic collisions and its aftermath to a very accurate degree. We have mapped the electromagnetic background of the observable universe. We know dark matter exists and we know Quarks (sub atomic particle building blocks) exist. We have observed Gravitational waves. We still dont understand Gravity but we have observed, aka confirmed it exists.

Yet we still haven't cracked lag free, no latency digital data transfer...

UhOh414d ago


I hit your pm to discuss.

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RSKnight417d ago

Because who cares about physics and the speed of light, right?

andibandit417d ago

Apparently it's because they're using some algorithm which predicts user action. Still sounds skeptical to me

badz149416d ago


so...there will be instances where character moves even before we control them? talk about being in the spooktober LOL

rainslacker416d ago


Pretty much. That can work for a lot of things realistically. It's been done for years on MMO's, although that update was always done on the client side. But if you've played any number of MMO's, you may have noticed when those times when the algorithm doesn't quite work right.

Some games will work better than others. I'd imagine in a fighting game they'd be pretty useless. FPS probably could work pretty decently most of the time as they are more linear in their inputs. Turn based obviously you don't really need such things. Basically, it's effectiveness is going to be dependent on the game itself.

rainslacker416d ago

This is quite literally impossible due to the laws of physics. Individual anecdotes of games may not seem like they're more responsive on local hardware, but that's a programming issue.

I can at least respect MS when Spencer said that local clients would always be better. It's fine to say that a streaming service will provide acceptable, or even great service, but to make a claim like this is just bullshit.

UhOh416d ago

Check my comment to CaptainObvious878 above please

I know this is marketing and I know we don't yet have any technology that is claimed to exceed lightspeed but, physicist have not empirically proven the truth about light. If you have proof tell me. We don't have literal microscopes that can go down to the smallest claimed chemical and physical properties.

Orionsangel416d ago

It'll be as fast and responsive as PS Now...Hahaha!

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Mopedgames417d ago

I hate the way everyone just lies about everything now. People and companies need to be held accountable for the things they say in a way that isn't happening like it used too.

l33t_haxx0r417d ago

I dont think they are lying i think they are so stupid and know nothing about what they are talking about that they actually belive this stuff

Mopedgames417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

I am double face palming, you think the VP of engineering doesn't know that local hardware will always be more responsive than something over a network?

Even at the speed of light something that is father away will take longer than something that is closer.

rainslacker416d ago

I'd agree if it was some random PR person, or some ignorant journalist. But, the head of engineering?

Sorry, this guy is going to be intimately aware of what it takes to run the service, and if he's designing a gaming platform, he certainly understands the nature of local processing, and how fast it is compared to the internet.

l33t_haxx0r416d ago

Maybe they blagged there way into the position because daddy works higher up lol who knows.

knickstr417d ago

Is there any way that they can be sued for false advertisement for making these claims. Even ouya will be more responsive than stadia. They're flat out lying now.

rainslacker416d ago

No, because they will have copious disclaimers within the TOS, and those little asterix marks which state that the user experience will be based on many variables, and if they're like any other ISP or internet based service, they'll blame everything in the line before they hold themselves accountable for people having problems.

annoyedgamer416d ago

This is likely a paid promotion. This is the state of journalism.

Axonometri417d ago

LMAO! Right... maybe when they have successfully possessed the live conscious of the human interface.