Suda 51 Talks No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, Hideo Kojima, And Toilets

Grasshopper Manufacture's Goichi "Suda 51" Suda discusses No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, his new secret project with Shinjin Mikami, his thoughts on Hideo Kojima and divulges the secret that his best game ideas come to him while he's in the men's room.

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kesvalk3655d ago

well, i thought everyone had the best ideas on the toiles,ah figures....

Harry1903655d ago

the most important article of the day. I hope it reaches the front page. If not, too bad, we will see bites and pieces about the interview reaching the front page later this week.

Smacktard3655d ago

What? No new info was revealed, and the interview was poorly conducted.

sinncross3655d ago

i wish they just asked about kurayami, the ps3 exclusive title... i wonder if its that multi platform ea title now.

SinnedNogara3655d ago

I think for the sequel they should put DLC and online play. That would be really cool.