The Outer Worlds, Stellaris, and More Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC

From Xbox Wire: "We think this quote from The Outer Worlds is applicable in most situations. No explosive cell death? Awesome! Speaking of explosive, we’ve got a great batch of amazing games that are out of this world (see what we did there?) coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) this month.

Also, now’s a great time to remind you to keep your eyes on our Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account for release date announcements news and updates, and titles leaving soon in the Xbox (Beta) app (which is always a great time to use your member discount to grab ‘em before they’re gone)."

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akurtz12d ago

I might switch my MW preorder for outer worlds if they don’t confirm weapons won’t be in loot boxes by launch. I need a good rpg

DJStotty11d ago

What else would you get in lootboxes?

Its either weapons or attachments.

akurtz11d ago

I wish they didn’t have them all together but atleast just cosmetics/banners/tags etc etc.

DJStotty10d ago

love the disagrees

"On top of that, new second-hand reports from YouTuber TheGamingRevolution has stated that Modern Warfare's Supply Drops (the game's own take on loot boxes) wouldn't be relegated to cosmetic items only, but includes game-affecting rewards such as weapons that can be then used in multiplayer. "