Death Stranding and the Problems with Blind Faith

"When I was younger there were a number of people who I liked enough to follow their work blindly." - JPS

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Juusterey550d ago

i mean, it makes sense
if someone consistently delivers, you expect them to deliver
like with my friends, if i'm meeting up with them
some people i'll be on time, some i'll come later cos i know they won't be on time
i'm not gonna say " oh this guy is always on time, but i'll just assume he could be today"

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rainslacker549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

Yep. People misunderstand faith in someone delivering, who has a history of delivering, as blind faith for no reason.

There are plenty of games, or franchises, that have blind faith for no good reason. Death Stranding isn't one of them.

Mopedgames550d ago

I fixed the title for you.

Death Stranding and the Problems with Sites Writing the Reviews before they have even Played the Game.

sushimama550d ago

Don't buy it and WAIT FOR THE REVIEWS. More clickbait crap

ndonnine550d ago

Reviews are clickbait now too.

Xaevi550d ago

What about the problem that is plaguing the internet right now? The constant negative articles about Death Stranding? It makes more logical sense believing this game will good based on Kojimas past than blindly hating on it for no apparent reason. Cause it certainly looks like these sites are hating it for no reason.

waverider550d ago

Another title.
Why isnt this game on my console!!! Whyyyyyyy! The attack this game is getting for months is incredible. Some publication what it to failed so hard. Its just sad the amount of money running in the backstage....

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The story is too old to be commented.