The 1UP Show: Episode 11/07/08

First up, Shane Bettenhausen and Nick Suttner talk MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and we also chat with the game's developers about the infamous E3 2005 "real-time" MotorStorm target video. "Ultra-violent" isn't exactly what you'd tag Mirror's Edge, though Giancarlo Varanini, Ryan O'Donnell, and Matt Chandronait tend to agree that the combat can, at times, inspire violence against your controller and/or television screen. Still, the first person parkour falls resoundingly in the category of WIN. Gears of War 2 should satisfy those of you craving more than a bit of blood, though. Not surprisingly, everyone on the show this week couldn't gush enough over this masterful sequel. Several severe chainsaw-fests and curb-stomp extravaganzas and Tina Sanchez, David Ellis, Ryan O'Donnell, Jason Bertrand, Jay Frechette, and Matt Chandronait are pretty confident that their love is not misplaced.

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