PlayStation 5 backward compatibility does not currently cover all games

One of the big bullet points that Sony is touting for the PlayStation 5, is its backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. The latter console missed out on this feature after all. However, it seems that PlayStation 5 backward compatibility may not cover the complete PlayStation 4 library.

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isarai6d ago

So it's still a work in progress as everything is as far as next gen, barely news if you ask me.

darthv726d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's on a game by game basis, just like the xbo. Sounds like they are making the right decision by not just making a sweeping emulator but instead focusing on specific titles to get the fullest extent of the performance. And honestly, who thinks the PS5 wont support UHD media??? They certainly arent going to let MS be the only one to do so.

bouzebbal6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

""At present, the official announcement of SIE is about PS4 software compatibility, which is described as “Designed to realize compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles”, “Today, the development team can guarantee full compatibility. We are verifying. Please wait for further information. " It is premised on compatibility, but how far titles are targeted is undecided""
How can it be not for all games???!

umair_s516d ago

I want 100% compatibility with PS4 at launch and would love first party PS3 games made back compatible down the line

Zeref6d ago

We don't know if Xbox Scarlett is gonna be on a game by game basis with Xbox One titles. In fact it sounds like it will support all Xbox One titles from day 1.

fiveby96d ago

Perhaps the PS5 controller will be different and lack touch controls like DS4 does? I think a large majority of games from PS4 will be supported.

babadivad6d ago

They need to get it together. There are a couple PS4 games I'm holding off on so I can play them on PS5.

BadElf6d ago

A lot of Sony folks werent a fan of when Xbox did this

KillBill6d ago

The game by game basis was in reference to future titles being playable on Xbox One. All Xbox One games will be playable on Xbox Scarlet.

Saijahn6d ago

Sorry but you’re wrong man. Check Dealer’s recent video, he mentioned an article that Xbox will have bc for all past generations.

darthv726d ago

^all above, I said the ps5 is getting bc like the xbo did... on a game by game basis. I never mentioned scarlett at all so I dont see why people are even bringing it up.

But if you want to talk scarlett... no doubt the system will be bc with xbo as well as the games the xbo is bc with currently (and most likely more).

Sharky2315d ago

I thought Ryan said the ps5 will have a 4K Blu-ray drive?

fr0sty5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Don't forget that copyright issues could be the cause of this, it may not have anything to do with technical limitations. One extreme example, I couldn't see PT being able to be played on a PS5, even if I migrate my library over to it.

UltraNova5d ago

I really dont get it, why is everyone so bothered about BC...I thought Thanos was dead, or is he somehow alive and you all.are afraid he will snap his fingers and all your ps4's will seize to exist come Nov 2020?

BC is nice and all but some people forget that A) they will still have their ps4 to play...ps4 games and B) you are buying next gen to play...its a shocker, wait for it......Next gen games!

XiNatsuDragnel3d ago


Nii san, chill and let's speculate, discuss, learn, rinse and repeat for now.

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ilikestuff6d ago

So is the ps5 going to play ps1 through 5? If so that’d be awesome

darthv726d ago

digital would be possible, but prob not physical.

6d ago
Obscure_Observer6d ago


"So it's still a work in progress as everything is as far as next gen, barely news if you ask me."

Is that so? What about the fanboys boasting their chests talking about "NATIVE BC" on PS5?

gangsta_red6d ago

BC is great and I would love to play past games for the sake of convenience since I have packed up my PS3 and I don't even know where my PS2 or PS are....So here's hoping that Sony adds a lot if not all their titles to BC

.....even though it's not a necessary feature to have....

TakashiKumoro5d ago

Of course, it's not going to be 100% native, but much of the code will probably transfer over. It's not like XB1X where the entire game has to be reworked and the disc does nothing but let you download the game off their server, it will still likely use the same disc most of the time with a patch. *facepalm*

VariantAEC3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

First of all that quote came from a poorly translated Japanese article in which the report itself is secondhand not from PlayStation directly.
Second is the fact that all PlayStation has always favored native Backwards compatibility at launch including PS3 hardware though later PS3 models and all variants of PS4 didn't support any kind of backward compatibility whatsoever.

Xbox's own BC is all software based which was always considered garbage and even launched in a state that lived up to the hate. While Microsoft did improve the XB360 backend emulation in X1 [*] it wasn't very good until a couple years later.

Meanwhile Nintendo jettisoned BC like a corrosive explosive WMD. First on their home consoles with SNES then Nintendo told you to forget they first discarded BC on their mobile hardware starting with the DSi then on their home consoles (for the very first time) with Wii U and then completely dispensed with it after the launch of Switch, but Nintendo fans are saying its all good!

[* Premature posting, whoops I uploaded too early. All additional info added after the asterisk was supposed to be in the original comment]

SkatterBrain6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

4k 60fps across all ps4 titles on ps5 or id like to play uncharted 4 in Astrobot Vr Perspective or Witcher 3 like that, can the PS5 handle That?

rainslacker5d ago

Probably more that it's like MS implementation where it's not actually BC, but emulation which requires publisher approval.

darthv725d ago

We'll know more soon enough. If anything, I'd love for all the currently available digital PS1 and PS2 titles to be playable on the PS5. That seems like a doable option.

Obscure_Observer5d ago


"Probably more that it's like MS implementation where it's not actually BC, but emulation which requires publisher approval."

More? Xbox Scarlett will probably run 4 generations of Xbox console games ENHANCED, while the PS5 probably will not be able to run 1 generation (PS5) and half (PS4) of Playstation console games with barely any enhancements (in case it´s really native BC)!

rainslacker5d ago



I was talking about a single way it's implemented, not all that it could possibly do.

However, it also appears there is confusion over the clarification, so whatever. As of now, we have no idea what all it will entail yet.

Unspoken5d ago

Now backwards compatibility matters.

NarutoFox5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I agree this is barely news

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UnholyLight6d ago

It would be unfair to attack Playstation for this since Xbox has been doing the same with their backwards's a work in progress. We can only be happy as gamers that they even WANT to try and allow backwards compat for us to enjoy.

ImGumbyDammit5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Except the 360 BC is emulation based. Virtualized whole 360 systems. That is far cry from being on a next-gen system that is based on the same architecture, same OS, etc... and just running the games as executables as is being done with PS5s PS4 BC. I doubt Xbox One to Scarlett is going to have limitations.

I would give that work in progress credence if we were talking about PS3 BC on the PS5 but, not PS4 to PS5. In a scenario to get PS3 games (just like 360 BC) it definitely would take a lot more work to get them into the PS5 compatibility column. But PS4 to PS5 it really shouldn't be that difficult to the point there would be large gaps in providing BC between so similar architectures.

UnholyLight5d ago

Fair point, I just meant at a really surface level the way I see it is it's not something to be upset about. People should be happy Sony is at least going to spend some resources doing SOMETHING for some form of backward compat! I was being positive for them, as I own both an Xbox and PS4.

Obscure_Observer5d ago


"It would be unfair to attack Playstation for this since Xbox has been doing the same with their backwards's a work in progress."

Whatever happened to people that used to bash Xbox BC while sing praises to PS3´s native BC! Now that we know that the PS5 probably wouldn´t be able to run all PS4, it´s a "work in progress".


IRetrouk5d ago

Native bc or not, the ps2 and 3 never claimed 100% bc either, there were infact previous gen games that just wouldn't work on the systems.


UnholyLight4d ago

@Obscure_Observer hey come on now, I'm, certainly not a Sony defender on this site especially. That's not really how I meant things. I was never part of the Xbox bashing nor am I ever part of the Xbox bashing community since I own an Xbox and am typically more pro Xbox until this gen Sony treated me a little better and I used my Ps4 85% of the time this gen. It's all good I'm just saying it's hard to bash the fact that at least Sony is finally doing at least SOMETHING even though Microsoft and Xbox obviously took the better and harder route of BC

Obscure_Observer4d ago


"It's all good I'm just saying it's hard to bash the fact that at least Sony is finally doing at least SOMETHING even though Microsoft and Xbox obviously took the better and harder route of BC"

Sorry, i didn´t meant to offend you, nor bash Sony for the matter. All i was saying is how some people used to bash Xbox One´s BC, and now that Sony is doing it and it´s not perfect, it´s all good and dandy.

But you´re right, at least Sony is doing their part listen to gamers and BC on PS5 even if it´s only for PS4 games for the time been, it´s a great addition and many gamers will enjoy this feat.

VariantAEC3d ago

Do you have a learning disability or are you just stupid? The PS5's dev-kit is still being finalized... Of course details of the any features of the hardware which may release holiday of NEXT YEAR haven't been finalized yet.

This is just obvious stuff. Not even mentioning that Famitsu isn't PlayStation and Japanese isn't English so you're claiming these tidbits as facts about PS5 that PlayStation (aka the people behind it's design) itself hasn't even nailed down yet? Get out of here!

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rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Unless they include actual hardware to work around the licensing issues for individual console gens, it will always be on a game by game basis. Sony just doesn't have the right to allow any game from every PS generation to be played on each successive console. Having the hardware essentially allows then to say that it's still playing on the hardware it was licensed for, because from a technical and legal standpoint, what makes a system is the CPU, and the code that makes it run certain parts of the machine code in the way it was originally intended.

MS found a clever way to do it this gen, and props to them for that. It's a trade off of how much it would cost to include hardware vs. not having all games available.

Profchaos5d ago

Ms stated that they still had to help publishers navigate licensing issues.

Sounds like the ps5 will take the same standpoint as the new ryzen cpu is custom according to Sony's statement to emulate ps4 pro performance so not running a native version but a emulated one

rainslacker5d ago

CPU generations aren't exactly the same as new hardware with completely different command codes. I'm not sure exactly where the legal and technical line is drawn for licensing compatibility but in general, x86 will operate on the same command codes from the BIOS. I'd imagine the licensing issues with MS are more about the fact that it's emulated, and even if publishers are open to it, there are parts which may not be allowed to run through emulation.

caparo926d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"A Sony representative revealed in a recent Famitsu article that the team still hasn’t implemented the feature completely and is still trying to get every PS4 game up and running on the PS5"

So it sounds to me like they are looking do do real BC unlike Microsoft BC which is actually just a white list of games. Which is great because Microsoft basically has only BC'd popular AAA games completely ignoring anything that was less popular or indie.

6d ago Replies(7)
umair_s516d ago

PS4 had no backwards compatiblilty with PS3.

darthv726d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It would not be "real BC" if it relies on software to function. The PS2 has real BC with the PS1, just like the PS3 has real BC with PS1 and the early models had it with the PS2. Real BC means they built the hardware into the system to function as a REAL system it is BC with. Everything moving forward is now software (emulated) BC so Sony is basically going the same route as MS in this case. The fact they state they cant, or havent, gotten it to work fully is the dead giveaway.

Even if Sony were to focus on key titles, it is still better than nothing, which is what the PS4 got (nothing) and how Sony said (arrogantly) that nobody plays old games on new machines back then. Or do people not remember that? If MS can get it working then so can Sony.

IRetrouk5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

So from sony saying they cant guarantee 100% bc with ps4 games means they have to emulate like ms? Are you sure? Because the ps2 and 3 never had 100% bc guaranteed either, the ps2 had ps1 games that wouldn't work at all, and the ps3 also had a list of ps1 and 2 games that wouldn't work, no matter what version you bought, so yeah, your "givaway" is nothing more than you projecting your own interpretation on something sony has said in 2 previous gens already.

Zeref6d ago

Dude you have no idea what you're talking about. It's not a white list. They needed permission from developers to include the title in the emulator.
There are plenty of small games that made it into BC and plenty of Big games that didn't.

Also this isn't "real" BC. Real BC is if they physically put PS4 parts into the PS5. This is not it.

Mopedgames6d ago

No one has ever made that claim before and plenty of console have had BC.

xander707696d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Here's hoping PS5 embraces full backwards compatibility. I want the PS5 to be a complete and absolute upgrade over the PS4, as in I will have no need for the PS4 once I have a PS5, because it will play my full library of games...

6d ago
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affrogamer6d ago

They're going to prioritize the top games then focus on the others later.

5d ago
Apocalypse Shadow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Make sure all my VR games and first party games are compatible and I'm good.

6d ago