NHS Opens Clinic for Game Addiction

The new clinic, dubbed the 'Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorder,' will focus on people ages 13 to 25 and begins treatment next month.

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demonic3612d ago

More money being wasted on crap that doesn't need to be spent on. Good job i'm not paying towards this, oh wait ... I am!

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Tetsujin12d ago

So lets open a practice for those who would rather stay out of trouble than go and live like sheep in society? I had an issue when I played Final Fantasy 11; and on my own I broke out of the cycle and haven't looked back.

Simple communication, balance, and actually caring are what helps break addictions; not paid doctors who want a quick dollar over some made up situation that isn't an issue.

Tross12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

On the plus side, people over 25 and those who don't live in the UK can continue their gaming addictions in peace...and shake their head at the absurdity of this. Please let new "patients" be greeted at the door by someone in a creepy Dr. Mario costume.

AK9111d ago

What about the Netflix addiction clinic or the YouTube addiction clinic?