Players Can Now Earn the Easiest Platinum Trophy Just by Pressing X

The new visual novel A Winter’s Daydream is probably the world's easiest platinum trophy, only requiring players to repeatedly press X.

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assassin2k656d ago

When trophies started they meant something. A way for gamers to get extra challenges out of games and extend their longevity. The system has become something of a joke now.

Sm00thNinja656d ago

It still does. My platinum for beating all the valkyries in God of War will stand the test of time.

assassin2k656d ago

What I mean is it's easy for people to simply make themselves looks good by buying loads of quick and easy platinum games. People actually do this. I have no doubt over people having personal achievements.

MoonConquistador656d ago

I can understand where you're coming from but it's not the whole system that's a joke, just every now and then a trophy list for some games devalues it a little.

rainslacker655d ago

They mean whatever you want them to mean. There are those that stack these kinds of trophies just for trophy count, and if they do, who cares other than those who put some worth into the number of trophies one gets. Still others may care about the caliber of the types of trophies they get. And there could be a hundred other reasons why people either care, or don't care about them.

Don't like them, don't worry about them. But they're just another rating system, which has it's own social structure around it.

As an allegory, forums such as this one used to mean something. A way for gamers to socialize and discuss games, or topical events related to gaming. The forums have become something of a joke now.

P_Bomb655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

Eh. Just think of it as yin yang for all the games that should’ve had platinums but didn’t.

Hitman, Hitman 2, Walking Dead Season 2, RE4/Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles, AC Chronicles and BTTF having plats on disc but not digital. Random PS2 re-releases like Max Payne and Red Dead not having them when Manhunt and Bully did. Why do free-to-plays Realm Royale and Fortnite have plats but not Warframe and Apex?

Arcade games used to top off at 200/400g with only retail games getting 1000. When everything got bumped to 1000g, it kind of opened the floodgates.

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