Would You Rather Have A Demon's Souls Remaster Or Sequel?

Bluepoint Games, the developer behind remasters such as Flower, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and Shadow of the Colossus, has teased a big new project that many believe could be a remaster of Demon's Souls. While the game has been requested as a remaster ever since the Dark Souls games were brought to modern consoles, I wonder if you'd rather replay the game with slightly better visuals, or simply play a sequel?

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naruga14d ago

ofcourse sequel by From Soft ware......far far far more preferable than substanceless cheapy remake from Blue Software ...classics shouldnt be touched

isarai14d ago

Every remake/remaster bluepoint has done has been done amazingly

phoenixwing12d ago

something tells me this is more to do with your console preference

nucky6412d ago

a remake wouldn't be "cheapy" or "substanceless". now, a remaster wouldn't excite me as much.

neutralgamer199212d ago

Why are you giving an opinion on ps game when you hate ps brand

himdeel12d ago

Man this question is so unfair. Man, so unfair. I want both. Yet, to answer the question, I'd have to go with a sequel.

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isarai14d ago

If it's Bluepoint i want a remake, not a remaster.

ArchangelMike13d ago

Remake. The SoulsBourne franchise already is a pseudo-sequel to Datk Souls. A Remake is the way to go.

CrimsonWing6912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Sequel!!! Honestly, I enjoyed my play through of Demon's Souls, but I don't want to replay the same damn game again.

I would take a legit Remake though, since at least visually it would look new.

nucky6412d ago

i agree with wanting a sequel much more; but, after seeing how RE2 remake turned out - i would still be excited to get a proper remake of the original.

neutralgamer199212d ago

I think this maybe the first game where bluepoint will add content/make huge improvements while remaking the game

I personally don't think it's a remake or remaster i think Sony gave them a huge ip and they are either rebooting or making a sequel. People forget sometimes how many ip's sony owns

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The story is too old to be commented.