Let's Predict the PS5's Price Based on What We Know So Far

Chris writes: "Sony has just shared a bunch more information on the PlayStation 5. We took a look at it all and tried to predict the PS5's price."

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Nyxus13d ago

I think it will be 399 like the PS4.

Marcello13d ago

Nah i reckon 499, its going to stuffed to powerful hardware. The PS4 Pro still sells for 399 & with TLOU 2 & FF7 Remake coming early next year, the demand will skyrocket so keeping the price stable.

darthv7213d ago

$499 sounds about right. It's certainly worth it with all the tech inside.

_SilverHawk_13d ago

I see people shudder at the idea of a 600$ ps5 when the switch is being sold for 300$ now and most likely will be the same price when the ps5 is out. The ps5 will probably be 20 times as powerful as the switch but I dont see a lot of people upset about switches price point. I think the ps5 will cost 500$

AnubisG13d ago

Yeah, $499.99 would be my bet also.

b163o113d ago

$499, is the sweet spot, but I'd be lying if I said I'd wouldn't pay $599 for a rumored PS5Pro...

UltraNova13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Look if people pay that much for Nintendo's last gen hardware today, then paying a little extra for current gen tech and a crap ton extra modern day features would be acceptable, right?

Now from what we know so far, especially the part about the pricey SSD, I'd recon the price will be set anywhere from 449 to 599, a totally logical spectrum to pay, in exchange for all that tech/features.

andibandit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


There are just some pricepoints where the interest for a product takes some drastic turns.

CaptainObvious87812d ago

@silver and Nova

You both make very good points.

If people are willing to bend over for outdated tech, lacking basic features and proper 3rd party support for $300 than they sure as fecal matter can pay $499 or even $599 for a PS5.

You know what's worse, though? Idiots spending $1100 on the lastest iphone. Makes me physically sick.

fr0sty12d ago

My gut says there will be 2 models, a PS5 with a smaller internal HDD for $400, a decent sized drive for $499. I think, at least starting off, many games will run on both PS5 and PS4, perhaps with a requirement that a PS4 Pro be used, as the full backwards compatible nature of both being x86 systems enables the same games to run across generations with different settings, much like you can run PC games on much older/weaker PCs by dialing some settings back. So, as far as games go, PlayStation will be one big ecosystem of platforms that all play the same games at varying quality.

shaggy230312d ago


Both PS4 and PS5 being X86 architecture doesn't guarantee perfect backwards compatibility. Memory, GPU architecture etc all have an effect on backwards compatibility.

kparks12d ago

Agree PS4 pro price drop to 299$ and PS5 launch at 499$ and maybe 599 for the pro version if it exists.

fr0sty12d ago

@shaggy, I am well aware of what affects backwards compatibility, I've been building PCs for 20 years. It is very rare to find a PC that is 4-5 years old that won't run modern games at all at any setting, most can still run modern games but at greatly reduced settings. Memory and GPU architectures don't change often and dramatically enough to create issues there, especially if you look at what is in PS4 Pro vs. what is expected in PS5. There's no reason why it should not be able to run many of the same games. The only exception would be a game that specifically utilizes the strengths of PS5 as a core part of its game design, for instance if a game relied on AI or physics that simply would not be possible on older hardware.

bouzebbal12d ago

499 good price. Ssd drives are very expensive and 1To can't be that cheap.. So it will be PS4 price at launch + SSD vs sata price difference

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Mopedgames13d ago

I think this is the price that they were aiming for, everyone knows it's the sweet spot. But with Trump putting 25% taxes in the form of tariffs on pretty much all electronics I unfortunately doubt next gen will come in at that price.

alvira8113d ago Show
PlaystationPcGamer2512d ago

Trump delayed tariffs on electronics until Dec.15th. The tariffs wont effect consoles. Please stay informed on the topic if you're going to bring politics into the discussion. Now, my guess would be $500.

Mopedgames12d ago


Uh, yeah... Holiday 2020 is after December 15'th 2019.

And it doesn't matter if that specific classification isn't directly taxed if all the other parts inside it are taxed. Which many semiconductors and other things already are. TV prices computer parts and other electronics have already increased in price due to tariffs.

But, nice blind defense.

DivoJones12d ago


Time to get some updated talking points from Fox News or your local Republican. Please stay informed on actual information and not regurgitated "alternative facts" from your red state informational broadcasts on your AM radio station. Tariffs absolutely apply to electronics manufactured in China, and tariffs are passed on to the consumers in the form of higher prices. I'd expect to spend an additional 20% as our blowhard-in-chief certainly won't concede defeat to communist China.

12d ago
PlaystationPcGamer2512d ago

Who mentioned anything about Fox News? I'm not a republican or democrat because they're both crazy. There's literally an article by that talks about the tariff delay on electronics and it includes video games consoles. However, Mopedgames is correct and the tariff is only this year. My broader point is that there can be another delay on electronics produced in China again next year if there hasn't been an agreement on a new trade deal by then. No need for your communist liberal rhetoric.

HaveAsandwich12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

he can exempt. hes already made many imports exempt. suck it up, and move out of china. Look at the comments here. They'd rather bash trump, then talk down to china, who are the ACTUAL problem. yah fuckin traitors.

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blackblades13d ago

Me too its a good price, by then ps4 pro will go down in price and ps5 will take that $399 spot.

Ceaser985736112d ago (Edited 12d ago )

PS5 to go down from 499 to 399 will be around Holiday 2022 and may be 449$ around Holiday 2021 with games and ps plus offer.. 399 flat pricing on a Ps5 will take time... The Pro aint 299$ is it?

NarutoFox13d ago

$499 for PS5 and $599 if they have a PRO version at launch

Shikoku13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Highly doubtful but it'd be nice but with the tariffs it will likely be 5-600$

neutralgamer199213d ago

You best believe it will be $399. If you don't understand that just watch the E3 when Sony revealed ps4 price and to them $399 is the perfect price point for consumers

snake-OO12d ago

Yea at that time that was the best price point but that was over 6 years ago.

MajorLazer12d ago

It's you who does not understand. PS5 will be a lot more loaded than the PS4. $399 would be way too cheap for the things the PS5 will have

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

At least 499. Look at how much your cellphone cost these days.

Then there is the tariffs.

Ceaser985736112d ago

499$ for sure and also there is a rumor saying that there will be a Premium PS5 model too... Both releasing together..

bigc07200412d ago

Are you nuts!? Have you heard the concepts the ps5 and Scarlett have? They're at the very least going to be 5-600. 400 would be a total loss in profit.

CurbStompin12d ago

Keep dreaming. It will at least be $499 and they will drop Pro to $299, and base slim to $199.

12d ago
Larrysweet12d ago

Yall clearly donr understand the tech in this thing 599 minimum

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isarai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

$399 if we're lucky, $499 at the most, doubt they want to repeat "$599 US Dollars!"

EDIT: Oh wait the China [email protected]#K!

CaptainTravel13d ago

It will be between $399 and $499, that much is a given.

caparo9213d ago

You can't just build it in India they don't have the infrastructure in place. China has a highly educated and highly competitive workforce and the factories in place to manufacture parts and assemble them. That's just how it is, and it's one hundred percent not going to change in Trumps presidency even in the unlikely odds that he gets a second term.

WeAreLegion13d ago

The PS3 released at $499 and $599. People only remember the $599 model, for some reason.

frostypants13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Because the $499 launch model was kind of lame. 20GB instead of 60GB, no hardware BC with the PS2, and missing some ports.

UltraNova12d ago

The 499 model was a joke. The 80gb one was the only option imoh and its 599 price tag justified for the tech it was offering at the time. As for the games, they did come, at some point, so that was covered as well.

kayoss12d ago

Its funny how people want all these high end technology but they dont want to pay extra for them. When the PS3 first came out, it was the first to have a bluray player. This at the time was the cheapest bluray player on the market.

SkatterBrain12d ago

i thought the launch ps3 20gb could still play ps2 games, i really liked my 60gb launch ps3 , the memory card and sd card readers were a great touch

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UnholyLight12d ago

Really thinking we are gonna see 499-599 mark or somewhere between. I'm fairly convinced the Xbox will come in slightly below this gen.

12d ago
Larrysweet12d ago

Itll be 599 or 699 yall dont understand the tech u need 13 1400 for matching pc

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Who here WOULD pay $599...assuming that were the launch price?

greysun12313d ago

Way too high. I think 500 would be fine

12d ago

I actually would spend $599 IF it came with two move controllers and PSVR 2.

ElementX13d ago

So you want Sony to basically give away PSVR 2 for free? That's what you're asking at that price. It would never happen, better start saving money now.

Matrix613d ago

Don't worry, that's not going to happen. You can rest easy now hehe

ABizzel113d ago

Even at $599 it’s still worthwhile, depending how n the GPU (which all signs are pointing towards a 5700).

You have a 16-core Zen2 CPU the cheapest of which is over $300 on its own.

And a 5700 is a $300 GPU. That’s $600 for the alleged CPU and GPU equivalents alone if you were to build them today.

That being said $499 is the likely price because those components will come down in price once 7nm become more readily available which should be sometime mid 2020, and by then being a generation old means Sony can work seals out to get the core components down to a reasonable enough price by Holiday 2020.

Sony will probably take a small loss on each console sold but $499 should be the magic number.

And if it’s $100 more then so be it.

High-end gaming is an expensive hobby, and if that price is too much just wait a couple of years and it should be $349 - $399 for the holidays.

Or make it a habit to try to save $50/mo for the next 13 months and you’ll have enough.

UhOh13d ago

Cerny already said it's a 8 core cpu.

"The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture."

Microsoft also said 4x cpu gain and there are plenty of 8 cores to do that already.

ABizzel112d ago


I meant 8-core / 16 thread.

I typed that on my phone hence the random letters and rushed through it.

Emme12d ago

Thats 600 if YOU buy one of each. Sony buys hundreds of thousands. Different price then.

SugarSoSweet12d ago

I'd prefer a 5700 XT in the consoles myself would pay more it too....

Larrysweet12d ago

Aint no 5700 5700 has no raytracing

ABizzel111d ago


Which is exactly what I was getting at, and if you're going by bundled price then Sony still has to buy the motherboards that support PCIe 4.0, 12GB - 16GB GDDR6 RAM, SSD, PSU, 4k Blu Ray drive, case, networking components, controller, cables, fans, etc...

So yes they won't be paying $600 for the CU and GPU alone (APU), but when you add all the additional components needed to make a functioning console, then the cost of the PS5 can climb right back up to the potential $599 range.

I'm saying $499 launch price, but $599 could be real, in which case they 2 console launch is best with a RX 5500 ($399) and 5700 version ($599).

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ABizzel113d ago

The real question is will the launch games be worth the $499 / $599 asking price.

Console makers need to do something more for Day 1 buyers that incentives them to purchase consoles day 1, whether it’s something small like a special Trophy or something worthwhile like PS+ free for the holiday.

toxic_avengah13d ago

they will have two versions so it would not surprise if the PS5 Elite is 599 and the base version will be 399

ABizzel112d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I get the thought process behind it, but I only feel that would work if they can't get the price below $499 for the main model. If they have to do $399 and $599 then that's when the 2 models make sense.

That being said the 2 models make a lot more sense now to the rumored Scarlet and Anaconda Xbox. The 4 TF GPU, is basically the Navi 5500, which while it's only 4TF, still offers RX 580 performance which would put the Scarlet on par with the XBO-X, but the newer CPU of the next-gen consoles which honestly isn't bad for $399. The XBO-X has the GPU power to still be a great [email protected] console, but it doesn't have the CPU to power consistent 60fps games across the board.

Having a Ryzen 3 + RX 5500 console gives gamers a cheaper option for gamers to adopt at launch.

I'd much rather see just the high-end version at $499 and be done, but if they can't get it below $599, then the $399 base and $599 Pro is the much better option to reach the masses.

TheGamez10012d ago

Id be fine with it for a pro version. But way too high for most ppl and casuals.

jaybin12d ago

I keep thinking like $700-$800 (trade war and higher end tech) so anything less than that would be good with me :D

JackBNimble12d ago

I'm Canadian, I can assure you we will be paying even more then $599 up here.

12d ago
SugarSoSweet12d ago

I would, not a problem. People happily pay $800 dollars for phones and laptops but start whining at the idea of a console being that price for some reason even though it lasts us 7 years...

$650 dollars would be the max I'd pay for a console.

Larrysweet12d ago

Anyone who understands what hardware is in this thing...not like past console this thing has gpu alone not avaliable to pc market yet as amd has no raytracing in gpu level...its easily worth 700 take 1400 build comparable pc jesus yall want power power yet to cheap buy it

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IRetrouk13d ago

I'm thinking close to £400 for us in the uk, the pro was 350 or there abouts at launch and the ps5 sounds like more than just a mild jump.

DRambo13d ago

I am almost certain it will be £400, although that's just a guess!!! Console players think they should get the equivalent of a £2 000 PC for £300. Consoles are cheap for what you get to last you a six or maybe eight year cycle.

dazzysima12d ago

I think it will be £449.99 at launch in the UK.